Discipline Improves Everything!

This is the only reason you can’t get ahead! If your life is in constant
shambles it’s because you lack the discipline to improve ANYTHING
in your life. You have bad habits and would rather choose bad habits
instead of life changing habits.

Too many people think it’s okay to live the way they want, they think
smoking, excess drinking, drug use, over eating, watching massive
amounts of porn is just a way of life, and it is for the bottom feeders of

If you think it’s comfort to come home after work, sit in front of the
tv drink massive amounts of booze and get fatter is your idea of a great
life, you are fucked up!

If you had any kids would this be the role model you would want them to
follow, the fat, lazy do nothing man?

Yet these people will ask a lot from their kids while doing nothing to show
them what discipline actually is! If you lay around getting fat, your kid
will eventually lay around getting fat!!

Would you want your kids to idolize a drug addict, or a fat overweight drunk?

STRONG habits are created through massive discipline. WEAK habits are
formed through continuous lack of discipline!

Discipline is hard and it is why society will continue to weaken. Discipline
has become a dirty, offensive word and if you are offended by discipline
you are weak and an embarrassment to yourself and family.

If your life isn’t getting better through discipline it’s getting worse through
lack of discipline!!! It’s the way it works!


Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. great post Johnny!!

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