Discipline is the key to Accomplishment

Discipline is a dirty word! The majority will tell you they have discipline but their
actions will tell you different. The problem is today is that most will sit around
waiting for things to be done for them. Hey, no one is coming to your rescue!

It’s up to you to motivate yourself either through coaching , reading books
or listening to audios that will put your mind in a place that can and will build
the mindset necessary for achievement.

Another thing I here is not everybody has to achieve. Really, is your life that
bad and meaningless that achievement is not on your list to improve your life?

Who doesn’t want to improve? The problem is everyone wants to improve it’s
just that most will not work at getting better and it’s usually is because most go
through life living like everyone else.

Being fat, drunk, stupid and weak  is no way to live on this earth! Everyday we should at
least try and improve in some little way. You can discipline yourself and improve.

Most people live life through their kids, and will discipline them,saying you’re to young
to drink now go get me a beer. Or you will get fat if you eat that while you eat a Big Mac.

To accomplish anything you have to be disciplined and go out and get it!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Agreed. Discipline is a must. And it must come from within and be embraced.

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