Distance Runners Are Weaker Physically.

I’m sure someone will be offended because I have said distance running is for weak people.

It is!

It is rare to find a distance runner who isn’t scrawny, or skinny fat!

Almost every distance runner I see daily is weak, most look like they have no athletic ability at all, fragile looking basically prey.

Sprinting is for man!

Distance running is for wasting muscle!

Remember is high school ALL boys who ran on the Cross Country team were pimply faced geeks who couldn’t get a date?

If you ran Cross Country you were probably a weak geek!

As a matter of fact I don’t know of a kid who ran “Cross Country” in high school who isn’t still a geek, except now they are all fat geeks.

I have read articles that actually say marathon runners have higher sperm counts but you never here of marathon runner with big families, I’ll bet most have few or no kids.

I actually know a few marathon runners and they have no kids!

I guess I’m to believe they all practice safe sex or they just don’t fuck!

Every time I hear stupid shit like vegetarians and distance runners have high testosterone levels I often wonder why most have few or no kids, less than people who eat meat and live a normal life.

Men distance runners have high “T” levels but women distance runners stop having their periods.

So men distance runners are more fertile and women distance runners are less fertile from early menopause symptoms?

The excuse is they are just smart enough to not have kids.


As a matter of fact being a long distance running vegan unless you are an Ethiopian it is a double fail!

Then I will have some runner throw in some ultra runner as their defense as not all runners are weak.

There are always exceptions, and the men who use the exceptions as their arguments are NEVER the exceptions!

Offended weak men who use others to prove their point are weak.

In nature the scrawny are prey, every time I see a runner I feel like chasing them down like a lion on a gazelle and telling them to train like a wildman and not an emasculated sissy!

Johnny Grube


  1. i wonder if distance running is being promoted to actually make people weaker?

  2. V, Most of what society does is to weaken society!

  3. damn straight. got it. makes perfect sense now.

  4. I maybe a runner, but I have to agree with John, most are physically weak. Very very few are actually strong. People have told me I don’t need muscle to run, yet they have observed that I am very durable, NEVER had injuries related to running.

  5. What about persistant hunting? It doesnt involve sprinting ,human have no use of sprint in nature ,every animal is faster and stronger

  6. for me the problem with distance running is it wastes muscle off my body. while my heart and lungs benefit, i noticed myself getting stiff, too thin, and weak. i did not notice this effect from weighted stepups, the bodyweight work grube suggests, and sprints. i also noticed my conditioning is quite good from using the weighted stairs as my “conditioning” work.
    just my observations….

  7. They don’t run with the animal, they walk, run and track they don’t chase the animal down with non stop running.

    Come to the mountains and chase down a deer, it will never happen.

    Sprinting is natural to man, distance running is not.

    Sprinting can get you away from danger, distance running is for mostly weak men who are afraid of strength.

    The police never jog after a criminal, criminal never jobs away from the police.

  8. I ran too, but found it was a waste of time. I don’t have or want to train for hours a day especially if I’m not competing in running.

  9. That’s the other catch too. Distance running takes time, and doesn’t kill enough birds. For me, let’s say I do a set of pullups, burpees, jump rope. Repeat for 30 or 45 min. Right there I crushed some strength, flexibility, conditioning, and never left my garage. If something comes up (my kids decide to eat each other for example) I am there to separate them too, because I am not off running pavement somewhere…
    Just my experience on this

  10. Jonathan says

    If we take a look to nature, we see, that there is no animal who does distance running. They just do sprinting, and that only for a short time and only if they need to escape. Like 100 m sprints. The rest is relaxation, look at male lions. Chilling and sleeping for 23h, sprint only if they need to and like every animal they never jog. Even though they chill 90% of the day, they are really strong, we all know.

    It is a fact that marathon runners die the earliest of all athletes.

  11. Fitness Culture is bullshit.

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