Don’t Be A Feeble Minded Man!

I think people forget I have been blue collar my entire existence and say what needs said.

I may not be right, it may be rude, or just plain mean.

But it comes from my experiences living in a blue collar environment.

A lot of it is just ball breaking, it’s just so many men are so soft and easily offended they live in a weak place mentally.

If I offend you by my words, maybe we should settle it with a good old-fashioned tickle fight you soft sissies!

The hard man knows everyday he needs to fight his bad habits to win, when he fails he knows he gets weaker. But he pushes through the pain, he fights, he NEVER quits!

The weak man cry’s out, he looks for sympathy. He is a victim. He demands the help of others, but he’s unwilling to help himself. He feels entitled to the hard work of others never lifting a finger.

If you want to see how degenerate society has become, just look how many suppport and idolize degenerate people.

I don’t care if your feelings get hurt by my opinions or the facts, toughen up, I’m not changing!

It’s a hard truth to learn, but you can’t care and worry about people who are NOT your people, it starts with your family, and your closest friends than state, than country, should get your love and resources NEVER people who do NOT share your values!

So toughen the fuck up, not everyone loves you, most people will hate you, pay them no attention, it weakens them and strengthens you!

Johnny Grube


  1. Really , a lot of people , the more you do for them the more they will hate you for it. For example ; Do the third world vermin thank us for endless foreign aid ? Like hell , they demand more But a lotof idiots just can’t see that
    It’s the same with those on benefits / welfare. Few will help themselves but apparently I am supposed to sympathise

  2. Johnny, what would be your must do list of exercises for building the functional blue collar strength you promote? Really interested in starting training for this type of fitness instead of the normal bodybuilding crap which as uvf seen on job sites most who do those exercises are finished after breaking a sweat!

  3. It’s to the point I’m about ready to say these people need to be eliminated to save our socities.

  4. I think that is the only answer. An animal infested with parasites will inevitably weaken and die unless the parasites are eradicated. Modern society is in the same situation and surely needs the same cure

  5. Great quote!

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