Trainers – Don’t be a fraud just for the money!

I have to to beat this certification up a little more. I did say
certification is good for some things, but you don’t need it.

The best certification comes from experience no weekend
class is going to make you an expert. Becoming an expert
requires time and real work time. You could read a book
on swimming and go to a weekend course and you become
certified, but did you ever jump in a pool.

Experts keep an open mind and always looking for a better
way maybe a different way of getting results. Certification
takes your money and real gives you nothing back except
a piece of paper, and you telling everybody your certified.

Trainers should be able to walk the talk and most in gyms
or the ones training people can not. I can care less if someone
training me is certified, if he or she can get me the results and
has gotten the results themselves, I’m on board.

Great example. My sister in her day was a track star, she got
older, fat and has gotten diabetes she went to the gym hired
a trainer and she called me and told me he had run on the
treadmill for almost an hour and then work with weights.

I told her he was going to hurt her from her years of
inactivity she shouldn’t be running on a treadmill for
an hour because she is overweight and her body won’t
be able to handle it.

A overweight person with over 20 years of inactivity
should not be put on a program of an hour of treadmill
running and 45 minutes of weights. Two weeks latter
she was hurt and stopped training.

My advice, modify your eating habits, drink plenty
of water and start a walking program everyday until
she feels she can start adding more things in.

Simple program and it will work without any special
equipment, and I didn’t cost her anything.

So with all these certifications out there how come there
is not a rock lifting certification? I train with rocks and
heavy bags and cars and vans I may come out with a rock
training program or better yet a functional fitness
certification. How about a wildman training certification?

As a matter of fact i was asked by a high school baseball
pitcher how he could improve the speed of his fast ball.

My response, find someone who trains sports specific
for pitchers. I played baseball center field and could
have put together a program but baseball is not my
thing, I’ll leave it someone who knows how to pitch.

If people want to be a better runner find a running coach.
Someone wants to be a better weight lifter find a weight
lifting coach.Want to be a better wrestler find a wrestling

If you wanted to box would you hire a personal trainer
or would you go a boxing coach?

If you want to be run into the ground you call me!

Basically, if you do train people walk the walk don’t
be a fraud just for the money. Don’t be afraid to
tell someone they would be better off finding someone
else for their goals.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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