Don't give the fatties cookies

I was reading a quick article in the local free newspaper in my area that
the business “curves” had their 1 year in business celebration. It stated
that after the ladies had their workout they would be serving them juice
and cookies. The cookies were shaped like stars ” because everyone at
curves are stars”

So after a hard workout they will serve cookies and juice. Why would
you serve cookies to a bunch fat people trying to lose weight ? I know
why. To keep them coming back, great plan. I guess once they lose the
weight they no longer need to exercise so if you sabotage them you will
keep them coming back.

Hey, why not after a year of AA meetings, celebrate by giving them a beer.
Is this extreme ? Probably, but you get my point. How can you improve by
being rewarded by the very reason your exercising. Did you ever hear of
giving awards or ribbons ?

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

P.S  As a matter of fact when I open my gym it’s for men only NO WOMEN.

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