Don’t Help People Full Of Self Hate

All the crying of the easily offended in a failing, crumbling society is beyond pathetic!

If you are offended by a general comment and take offense, it’s because you are part of the mindless general population I talk about.

Nothing worse than a man looking for sympathy because he refuses to take responsibility.

People that promote everything love and equality are the biggest haters, they hate themselves and self hate is worse than all other hate.

I believe you can hate anyone you want for any reason you want. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, but self hate does have an impact, but mostly only to the people full of self hate.

I love seeing people who absolutely hate themselves and watching them become a more useless, valueless, mindless.

I love watching them become more mentally and physically broken, they know their lives are meaningless, they know no one values them.

Don’t ever try to talk or help these people they are already to mentally diseased to help, so just sit and watch them destroy themselves.

Let the mentally dieased slowly sink into depression, irrational behavior and self abuse!

Johnny Grube.


  1. People who hate themselves are right to do so , because I hate them too .Anyway , self haters are always Liberals , so this is a unique case of Liberals hating the right person

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