Easy Training Is Bitch Training

The other day was looking for a new Ab Wheel or as we call it “The upper body wheel” and
it appears the wheel is making a comeback, but they are making some faggy aero dynamic
curvy handles, or big foam handles so a man doesn’t get a callous on his soft girls hands!

I bought one with foam handles a while back and cut the fucking foam off the handles!

Easy is not training! The “Gym Culture” is looking to make training easier, instead of harder, where does this make sense? If you are looking for easier ways to train your a fucking idiot! TRAINING IS SUPPOSED TO BE HARD!

Another piece of equipment that makes a man soft is a pad for barbell squats! I refused to EVER do heavy
squats using a pad to make me more comfortable, when I was doing 20 rep squats with 300 lbs I never used
a pad, or when squatting 600 lbs!

In the 80’s I wore these, because I was to stupid to realize I was getting weaker by using training aids
that took away from building toughness! The ONLY gloves you should wear are work gloves when training
on hot or freezing surfaces!

These are just some of the things that have weakened men!

I could go on about belts, straps, or wraps, but will save it for another post!

Training Is For Building Toughness NOT Weakness!

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says

    I started cracking up the moment I saw the title of the article. I knew the moment I clicked it I was going to be in for a treat lol. This one is indeed a classic lol. Wouldn’t be surprised if they start inventing foam punching bags soon lol. Thanks for another awesome article John. Keep them coming

  2. Anthony Romayo says

    Funny article.I can’t remember when I used to train with weights and actually seen people doing that with the padding at the squat bar. It used to make me laugh because I learned how to squat from experience veterans as a youngster that would never go for that.

  3. Great article!

  4. Very embarrassing based on what the “gym culture” is creating. If something were to happen bad, all of these supposed “strongmen” will be easy pickings first due to the fact that they are weak. Very few, like us will actually have a good chance of survival.

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