Eating The Cow = Testosterone, Eating The Grains They Feed The Cow = Estrogen!

Grains are used to fatten hogs and cattle, grains are also used to fatten man!
~Johnny Grube~

Instead of eating the grains they feed to the cows, eat the cow!

When I was bulking up I ate a pound of pasta a day and drank a gallon of milk trained
heavy and I fattened like a hog ready for slaughter, I want to be big as fast as possible
with out drugs, and eventually weighed 240 lbs at 5’7″!

The bottom line society thinks they are eating correctly, they have been lied to!

Excess sugar and grains are destroying your life. Listen to the experts, I really
don’t care. Don’t care if you like what I say. Talk moderation bullshit, it won’t
work for most people!

Most people know they eat sugar, they have NO IDEA how much they
are actually

Men should NOT think about weight loss, women think about weight loss, men
should think about eating and getting strong like a man!

There is no reason to lose weight of it doesn’t become a lifestyle, you will fail, you
will get pissed off, and disappointed, you can’t NOT change, without actually
changing, nothing will help, unless you change!

Bad eating is a habit, good eating is a habit, stop fooling yourself into thinking that
if you eat good one day, it’s okay to eat like shit the next, stop fooling yourself into
thinking you tried, you just failed!

Men should train and eat foods that produces testosterone, not estrogen!

Sugar destroys testosterone, it destroys man!

Men today are on the estrogen, weakling program, funded by society.
Men lack physical
activity, lack the ability to have a one on confrontation
are easily offended, are estrogen
fueled, with a soft almost apologetic body,
with lady characteristics.

Stop being a victim, stop looking for sympathy, strong men hate sympathy.

Eat natural foods NOT commercial health foods!

Sleep 7 to 8 hours

Drink a lot of water

Do what strong men have always done, be physical, train like your life depends
on it.

Do sprints, calisthenics, carry, drag, pullĀ  and push awkward weighted
objects, wrestle,
hit the heavy bag, get a little angry, engage in some
confrontation with other men, bite
a dog, talk some shit, don’t apologize,
do the things men have always done!

Johnny Grube



  1. Fuck.Yes. Keep preaching the truth,sir.

  2. Is it really true that more testosterone means more aggression? Some doctors say that it’s a myth, but I have a feeling that it’s wrong, what do you say about that John Grube?

    Bodyweight training FTW!

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