Eliminate Parasites!

I offend a lot sorry weaklings who love hiding. I often hear things like I should worry about myself. But today the same people who say these things are weaklings who advocate for a more degernate, valueless society that they think everyone should all conform to.

It’s easy to be weak. It’s why society wants to breed as many weaklings as possible, they are easy to control, they need others to feed them their ideas, they can’t think for themselves.

The weak take, take, take and still feel entitled to what others have, like a parasite!

I also hear the strong is supposed to defend the weak.

First, no one has to defend the weak but it is implied. Second, the people who choose weakness are not entitled to be defended by the strong, actually they should be eliminated by the strong.

In nature strength lives, and the weak die!

It is the job of the strong to stomp out the disease that is the choosen weak, just like crushing a bug!

Parasites are the choosen physically and mentally weak and they should be banished to live and defend themselves, let them destroy themselves.

Just like the drug addict who overdoses on drugs, it’s not the job of tax payers to fund the drugs to revive them on the street, let them die!

If your an addict you are the weak, you are valuable to no one and you are better off dead!

It’s just like the fat parents on welfare who smoke, and drink who raise their kids to be losers in society are part of the choosen weak and should be stripped of any decency they think they have.

It’s not our job to support degenerate lifestyles and support parasitic life of the people who don’t care about their own well being.

So fuck you if you don’t like what I say, and I hope it offends you.

Johnny Grube


  1. Fuck the weak let them rot

  2. You should write about weak men that are in gangs and feel they need gangs to thrive . I see alot of so called tough guys out there when with a crowd feel like the toughest thing alive but when alone are faggots

  3. Chuck , good point. I reckon this gang culture is getting worse as society in general gets weaker.

  4. @Rob

    Men that join gangs in my opinion have fear written all over them . How could they call themselves a real man knowing they can’t earn a living. Most of them mug people and none of them ever have balls to fight a one on one fight . Society is truly on a landslide.

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