Eliminate The Valueless Man

The more weakness shows it’s weak pussified head the more fueled I get.

It’s a fucking rush!

My environment over my past 50 years has been blue collar, most men can’t handle blue collar.

Men are fooled today into going to college, so they can get a sit down job in a “Cubicle Farm” and stare at a computer screen or assemble small electronic parts.

Factory work was looked at as dumb work.

But, sit down work is educated work.

College wasn’t needed to sit and assemble electronic parts, but society wants you to think that sit down work is educated work, that it’s man’s work.

The more I offend the valueless no bodies, the more I drive them out of their weak minds, the more I love it.

It takes a man to work hard and raise a family, weak men are unable to work hard, or get laid.

I have never seen such faceless, soulless, valueless men.

These males just walk around wishing someone would pay attention to them, it’s really sad. But, I couldn’t care less about these life wasting drones!

I want them to destroy themselves through wasteful addictions, I want them to continue to watch porn and jerk off 12 times a day so they don’t father weak males.

I want them to sit in a room drinking alone staring at the computer screen wishing they had the guts to become a man.

The only race I hate, is the weak race!

The men who play victims, the excuse makers, the drug users, the alcoholics, the dead beat dad’s, the capable men on welfare, the men of no value, need to be purged.

Ask them if they need help, if they say no, never ask again.

Step over them, if they grab a leg, kick them in the face and keep going.

Worrying about weak men is an assault against a strong mind.

Weak men need to be purged from your life.

Family or friends get no pass.

Eliminate weakness, eliminate the mental disease that is the valueless man.

Before peace there needs to be violence, violence keeps people in check, weak men can’t survive without strong men defending them.

Let the mentally weak destroy themselves through addiction and suicide, let them thin their own heard.

Man who take no responsibility are men who need to be shamed.

Men who take no responsibility should be treated like degenerates.

Weakness is a disease of the mind!

Johnny Grube



  1. According to society, sitting job is a man’s job now?

    How much weakness can people obtain?

  2. Society is pushing the man day in and out toward sit down jobs. People are being dumbed down believing they are of no quality due to paper exams . They fail exams and want to begin drugs , alcohol and then eventually suicide . I love how a laborer is looked down upon but yet every weak man that’s sitting behind a computer screen is sitting in a luxurious building due to a strong man building that chair his weak ass is sitting on , due to a strong man building that building that his weak ass is sitting on . It’s all a gimmick to make money and only weak men will fall into it . I can’t imagine not doing labor . It would be foreign to me . Fuck weakness ! Keep bashing these weak fucks John. Awesome article as always.

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