Eliminate Weakness From Your Life!

Weak·ness – the state or condition of lacking strength.

If you think that after you lose weight on your yo-yo diet it is smart to
reward yourself with a piece of cake you probably think that an alcoholic
who has been sober for 90 days, that it makes sense to reward himself
with a shot of whiskey or that a recovering drug addict can reward himself
with smoking more crack!

The sad part is society really believes this bullshit! They have no idea
that they make the choices that they blame some else for. If they have
addictions or weight problem it always comes from some so called
trauma in their life like sexual assault, living in an abusive home, or
living in an abusive relationship, living in a home where their parents
beat each other up, parents were drunks, did drugs etc there always
seems to be an excuse!

This gives these weak minded people an excuse so they can fuck up their
life by blaming everyone else. At what point do you become the adult in
your life? At what point do you take responsibility, at what point do you
realize your life is your own damn fault?

Society is showing the mindset with the majority showing a weakness that
grows everyday through weak thoughts and weak actions! These people look
to weak people for sympathy, and feed off the weakness!

If you are looking for strong people to keep the links strong you can’t be or have
weak people who can easily unravel when times get tough!

These people will almost always remain weak, and will always rely on others
to defend or support them. You need to weed these people out of your life
as fast as possible, family or not. These people will look to you when times
get tough, they will look to you to bail them out of situations. It happens all
the time. If you have your shit together people will always look to you to fix
or help them but will never take any advice! Get away from these people find
strong people, strong people help one another, strong people are more
self- reliant strong people never make excuses for their fuck ups they own it
and spend the time to fix the situation or seek out people who can help them
through education.

If you have friends that give you sympathy even though you constantly fuck up
by doing the same thing over and over, and you have friends that allow you to
use words like “Can’t or “Try” you need new friends!

I want friends that I respect to hold me accountable, I want friends to tell
me when I’m being a complaining pussy!

And for people that mistake reality for a negative person are probably
weak themselves, telling it like it is, is NOT negativity, it’s a dose of real
life, no matter how much you hide, no matter how much you try to avoid
reality it is still going to be there! So fucking own it!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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