Embrace Winners, Vilify Losers!

When I write I write stuff I would want to read, I hate when people write for everyone, people will still criticize whether you are nice or right to the point!

People don’t like my foul mouth, I write like the environment I exist in, some say it takes away from my credibility!

I say fuck you!

I think if you drink, you’re weak and have no credibility!

The problem is people are offended by people who create, who try to excel, who want to leave a legacy, people just love to hate winners!

For instance, I haven’t watched professional football in two years, but love that the Patriots and Tom Brady could win a sixth superbowl, that is fucking amazing!

I am a fan of the team because they are successful every fucking year!

And if you do get emotional over a team who doesn’t know you, can careless whether you live or die, you are nothing but a fanboy loser!

And before you go off on your democratic morality of the patriots cheating, every single team does what they need to do to win!

From steroid use, to using stickem on their gloves or hands, to wearing longer cleats on a soft field, not mention the criminals that are still playing.

So if any player on any team that has failed a drug test has cheated!

The problem is no one watches a team like the 0-16 Cleveland Browns, because they are losers.

But, winners are always under a microscope, people want winners to fail, like Donald Trump, like it or not he is a WINNER.

Win or lose Tom Brady is still a WINNER!

Whether you like Trump or Tom Brady they are winning at life, most weak men are on social media bitching about winners and that makes them a loser!

So remember, when you are sitting in front of your t.v. drinking beer, stuffing your gullet with junk, and screaming at the referee because you think he made a bad call, while wearing the name of another man on your back, think for one second who the loser is!

It ain’t the players on the field, it’s the moron crying foul, getting a hang over, who calls out of work Monday morning!

People that hate winners, hate themselves!

It makes no sense to put down winners, only losers look up to other losers, winners look at winners and study them, losers vilify them!

Embrace Winners, Vilify Losers!

Johnny Grube



  1. Tom Brady is the beast in the NFL.

  2. Also, Kali Muscle has received a lot of criticism because of how big he is, so many people think he’s on steroids, but he actually stays natural, he just puts a lot of hardwork in his workouts.

  3. How can a man have any dignity wearing another man’s name on his back . That is fucking sad ! And but their wives jerseys as well . That is fucking insane !


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