Estrogen Filled Doughboys

We move from active young men to inactive old men, are being weakened by society, by sitting in cubicles all day with no real male interaction or physical activity.

Men work in an environment that is pro women, they eat
sugary foods and drink soda out of the vending machines,
they smoke and have weak conversations, they avoid all
confrontation, they have low testosterone, and have trouble
getting out of a chair.

Men today are estrogen filled dough boys who get their feelings hurt by the slightest comment that might offend their already weak mindset.

All this causes a man to lose his ability to be a man!

We are fucking men and it’s our job to carry ourselves like men, if you aren’t up to it, and the pressure is to much for you,  you will eventually have to answer for your weakness, it’s just a law of nature!

If you’re weak fuck off!

Johnny Grube


  1. A Man, like you lot says

    Amen. What is described here is the result of allowing ourselves to be pushed, renamed, reclassified…any efforts by other groups to assert themselves are seen as empowerment, but any attemps by us to regain some dignity and code of behaviour are seen as intimidating, dangerous and potentially oppressive to others. Do your best to stand up for yourselves and your dignity

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