Every Day is Another Day to Build Toughness

Every day is another day to build toughness, physical and mental pain build toughness.

Mental and physical toughness is also built through adversity, most people use adversity
as a chance to play the victim card.

People that cant handle adversity, and play the victim card are the weakest of people.

But you can train physical and mental toughness that will help in all areas of life by training
your physical and mental capacity through intense physical training.

Today’s men are weak, not just physically but mentally most give up at the first sign of
struggle and pain.

Constant whining and complaining teamed up with a negative attitude over time equals
physical and mental weakness.

The people that take no accountability for their actions and refused to take accountability
are the people that we remain weak.

To many men are just to physically and mentally weak and there is no excuse for being weak!

Physical and mental toughness is built through being uncomfortable, it’s even tougher when
you force yourself past self imposed limits to build a physical and mental toughness that
can carry you through any adversity!

A great way to build physical and mental toughness is through physical workouts pushing
yourself a little farther then the last time.

Try this workout I did: I used a 80 lb heavy bag did 1 Prisoner Squat Thrust shouldered the heavy
bag walked it 15 yards dropped it did 1 Prisoner Squat Thrust repeating this 100 times, shouldering
80 lb bag 100 times (alternating each shoulder) and 100 Prisoner Squat Thrusts in under 40 minutes
non stop.

Think something like this is easy give it a try.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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