Ex Fat Boys and Celebrities Running Marathons

Why the big interest in running marathons? Who wants to look like a marathon runner?
Who say’s running a marathon is the ultimate fitness event? If a marathon is so hard how
can almost any ex fat man or women can runĀ  one, Oprah, Bush, ex fat guy subway Jared.

I can tell you Oprah is not in shape and looking at Jared he is also a little sloppy looking.
Jared’s claim to fame is losing a pile of weight eating two subway sandwiches a day. So
is subway sandwiches the answer to healthy weight loss? All he did was reduce calories
by eating two times a day and walking, you can do the same on a peanut butter and jelly
sandwich diet.

If you are fooled into thinking eating a processed meat sandwich is good for you keep on
doing what your doing and as soon as you can no longer eat this way you will go back to
your same old ways of eating and balloon up again.

The Boston marathon has thousands of runners every year, and why? Because people
figure that if I can walk run the 26.2 miles I have to be thin and in shape. I don’t buy
it. Running 26.2 miles is going to be tough if you never run but if these celebrities
are running marathons doesn’t it make you wonder.

Normal men and women run for fitness or should I say jog, and this is where we’re
at today, running for fitness. So if so many men and women run for improved fitness
why are we so sick and still overweight. Because running breaks down the body
especially if you are overweight and sends a false signal that we are doing our body

Do you want to be fit like Oprah or Ex fat boy Jared or do you want to be really fit
and above average? Train like a athlete not like some ex overweight celebrity.

And before someone’s say’s at least he tried I don’t care, I just think that promoting
marathon running and fast food and ex fat celebrities as the way to some fitness
god standards.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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