Excessive Heavy Lifting Is Unnatural!


Think about how the joints of your body gets destroyed and why, very little in the gym is natural to man, the body was NOT made to get strong in doors, it was made for strength outdoors, in harsh conditions, not the safe space in the gym.

Treadmill walking, come the fuck on!

Are you really that pathetic that you DRIVE to the the gym to walk inside?

I do train indoors sometimes mostly in an freezing or hot box no fans or heat, but even indoors in freezing and hot conditions are brutal conditions, when inside reaches above 100 degrees that is fucking tough, but I train mostly it’s outdoors!

The biggest destroyer is the locking out with heavy weights, or walking with massive weights on your back. In nature you could NOT pick up 500 lbs and throw it on your shoulder.  If you can’t shoulder it, you shouldn’t be walking with it!

Standing under a squat rack with heavy weight with knees locked out is brutal!

Do you really think sitting on your calves in a squat with 600 lbs is helpful in any way?

It might get you out of a chair faster, but in the long run, you will probably need help out of a chair

Heavy benching with each rep being held over your chest, that small joint, holding massive weight, isn’t toughening the joint, it is slowly destroying the joint.

If it’s not a big issue why do so many men wrap their knees and elbows or wear belts, because they are either already injured or are using more weight than they can handle!

Either way its unnatural!

All you need to do is listen to all the complaining about injury, and you will  know I’m right, pay the fuck attention, these guys have to big an ego and are to stupid to change, being crippled is an honor, so they have an excuse from going from strong guy who lifted heavy weights to broken down man, who can’t get out of a chair!

I have been guilty of this it’s why had to find a different way, because being a labor and beating yourself up is different than sitting all day in a office with a sit down job!

Actually at one short brief period I tried a professional job that would be a lot easier on the body, a job where I wore a shirt and tie.  I was like a caged fucking animal, pacing the floor, that last six months!

That was 10 years ago, and haven’t had a shirt and tie on since!

If you think the only way you can be impressive is by injuring yourself over many years of heavy, crippling lifting you are probably lacking in personal self worth!

Want see how strong you are? Shoulder close to your bodyweight and walk some hills, all your big numbers in the rack will equal shit on that hill!

Instead of driving to the gym to flip tires, find a rock to carry, or grab some dumbbells and go for a walk If you only have 30 lb dumbbells carry them farther, no dumbells?

Fill a back pack throw it on and find some steps or hills, or carry the back pack in one hand switching back and forth between hands, working your conditioning and real world strength, as well as working your grip!

Build Durability and Toughness, it’s most valuable!

Johnny Grube



  1. FUCK YEAAAA !!!!!!

    Back pack filled with weight is always a favorite of mine . So true on little joints trying to hold so much weight . These guys have no idea the damage they’re setting themselves up for

  2. As soon as you start lifting heavy, your joints will say “fuck this I quit” and you will find yourself being injured all the time. By the way, I HATE when lifting heavy weights is the norm of being strong.

  3. @Marovsky

    Agree wholeheartedly

  4. @Chuck
    Just for the sake of vanity, they lift heavy weights to impress people, not realizing they are making themselves weaker.

  5. @Marovsky

    Guy at my job clearly lifts weights can see the bulk on him. Always tired and leaning over everything and always going to the bathroom which is his way to take extra breaks . They’re getting rid of him after the holiday . Older men out work him every day there so I agree wholeheartedly with what you said when you said they’re making themselves weaker

  6. @Chuck
    Honestly, no remorse for that guy. It has to be the most embarrassing thing that happened to him. The only thing strong about him is his dumb ego, he will ask for sympathy since he’s gonna get fired, like a weak man he is.

  7. @Marovsky

    Lol I agree.

    How the hell can a man believe he’s strong, or tough or durable by lifting weights and then can’t even perform his job . You lift heavy weight but when it’s time to move pallets around , unload and load them you move like a fucking snail. Leaning on boxes all day from fatigue . That is no way of being strong or tough . His weakness radiates on him each passing day and it’s a fucking eye sore to be honest lol

  8. @Chuck
    That’s why simple and effective training has its place for a reason, to give you function OUTSIDE of gyms.

  9. @Marovsky


  10. @Chuck
    It seems like high rep training, isometrics, and all other basic training will almost be underrated because of gym culture, but we, as Wildmen, will always be against conventional wisdom. We are wild, confrontational, testosterone fueled, savage men who deserve more credit than famous bodybuilders.

  11. @Marovsky

    Ain’t that the truth

  12. @Chuck
    It really is. Seems like bodybuilders will be easy pickings when tough times arrive. “Every man for himself”, weight lifters, along with the weak will die one by one while we Wildmen will be too busy fighting for survival and “planting our seeds” to start over a stronger generation.

  13. @Marovsky

    Just like it was in ancient times . There was no weight lifting and Wildmen ruled the times

  14. @Chuck

  15. @Chuck
    Doing basic movements at very high reps, I feel like I am in jail, getting fit for war.

  16. @Marovsky

    I love getting literally exhausted and pushing through that shit

  17. @Chuck
    Working out to the point of exhaustion, you know you work hard. Hell yeah!!

  18. @Chuck
    How many push ups can you do without stopping?

  19. @Marovsky

    Honestly I don’t even know . I’ll have to test it out and see. I usually don’t focus on numbers I usually try and produce fatigue and then shadow box through it or heavy bag through it . I love training for conditioning and fighting. I use to be a boxer so I still stick to the training to an extent .

  20. @Chuck
    Oh I see.

  21. Sounds like a pretty one-sided discussion here, but I’ll play devil’s advocate. I don’t agree that lifting heavy vs wild man training is as much a black and white issue as I’m reading here. I don’t dispute that wild man training is great, and that body building tends to attract guys who only need an ego boost. But getting strong by lifting weights can be one of the best things a guy can do. I’m not talking about body building. Getting really strong in the squat, deadlift, press, bench can be transformative. And done correctly, it can make your joints better, not break them down. If you’re destroying your joints, have no energy, etc, then I’d say you’re doing it wrong.

  22. When I was doing heavy farm work that required high strength as well as great conditioning, I learned one overwhelming lesson: People with great strength can build conditioning fairly quickly, as in a matter of weeks or months. People with great conditioning but good, not great strength, will require years to build the strength, and will burn out trying to keep up with the people who start out with a base of strength. Most important lesson for this thread: Hate on no one, learn from everyone, develop both strength and conditioning.

  23. Yeah Ryan young and stupid lifting extremely heavy was what was the problem, everyone I know that has lifted real heavy has had many surgeries, shoulders,elbows, knees etc.

    A 400 lb bench press and 600 lb squat did nothing in my way of living an active life, actually I spent more time sore, because I’m a laborer, recovery days are for men with sit down jobs.

    I want to show men the gym is NOT necessary to get in great condition, and to build useable strength.

  24. As a matter of fact there is no reason to squat with Heavy weight when you can do weighted carries up and down hills which is natural, heavy squats are not.

  25. Very interesting and good points, but really difficult to follow your style of writing, is it on purpose or is english not your first language?

  26. Reams, are you wondering if English is my first language? Funny though.

  27. I go to the gym 2 to 3 times a week to lift weights, heavy but not too heavy (all is relative). I don’t see the point in ruining my body or being ruled by numbers. I also walk and bike every day, and carry heavy bags most of the time (I don’t own a car). I think it is good to maintain strength and endurance, but at the same time feel your body and listen to its cues. There are days when I don’t feel like working out, so I don’t do it during those. Other weeks, I will feel like sweating and being brutal, so I got for it. I do see gym bros who clearly pin themselves and eat / drink weirdo stuff which probably cost a fortune. I don’t know how one can end up doing shit like that, but to each his own I guess.

  28. Chuck and Marovsky, you both sound like insecure moronic douche bags that like to dick measure based on the type of exercises you choose to do, which is no better than the roided up meatheads you claim are the only people who lift weights. “Too busy planting your seeds”? I’m guessing neither of you have ever “planted” anything. Please grow the fuck up and expand your tiny feeble little minds. Btw, try hunting an elk, quartering it, and carrying over 300 lbs back to your camp with your tribe mates, as “wild men” would have done. Heavy weights and body weight training are both valid, excluding either one makes you limit yourself to an ideology rather than utilize what is truly most effective.

  29. Al, are you mad because of the fact that we are actually doing something productive with our lives while you are just randomly surfing the internet, looking for more people to fuck around with? Here’s what I will suggest for you, get off your laptop and actually do something with your life you dick muncher. If you actually read what John Grube says about lifting weights in the gym, you will actually learn something other than to be a keyboard warrior. So until then, don’t even say anything.

    And I will say it, lifting weights in the gym is fucking useless.

  30. This article is so poorly written that I couldn’t make it past the first “sentence” which was a whole paragraph. Learn how to use commas at the very fucking least. Fuck.

  31. Move on, thanks for your wasted opinion. I write fast,to weed out people!

  32. Marovsky, you cock gobbling little pussy, I read Grubes site all the time and train his way most, but not all of the time. My issue is not with him but with you and your friends idiotic back and forth about how much better you think you are over your training style. “Wild men plant their seeds and ruled the times”. You sound like sexist, moronic, idiots. You are no less a “keyboard warrior” than I am, as you clearly responded to what I said, so don’t be a hypocrite. My issue is with you belittling others over the way they choose to exercise. Do you speak multiple languages? Have any advance degrees or skills? Do you play instruments or can you paint or draw? There are other things in life beside training and exercising so I am suggesting you not get your identity to caught up in it.

  33. I love this !!!


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