Exercise Is Natural To Man!

If more men would spend more time outdoors doing the things that kept them young, they would be in better shape physically and mentally.

Just doing an exercise like climbing a swing set to in the park makes you feel younger.

Most spend their bulk of exercise inside a gym, aspiring to bench as much as possible, essentially wrecking their shoulders as they age.

Men think bulking up is the way of the man, and in nature a lot of times the big slow animal is the prey of stronger, leaner animals, in a violent environment size IS a big deterrent, big chest, arms are the signs of strength to modern man.

I no longer have this belief and it’s because when I lose my ability to do the things that I could, makes me wonder, what the fuck am I doing?

I used to think jumping rope was for little girls on the playground, but it’s a great exercise to build athletic quickness, and it’s been part of my training for over 20 years.

I thought being big and strong would have helped me in the “Toughman” in 1994, it was my wake up call, to change years of heavy lifting and find the way that tough men from the past lived, and worked.

To me what I call “Conditioned Strength” is the key, it’s what saves lives, and keeps you durable in tough times.

These short intense exercises or workouts I do, are exercises that will show a man real fast how weak he becomes when he can’t catch his breath!

” A Strong man becomes a WEAK man when he can’t breathe!”

Doing basic exercises that are more natural to how a man might of had to survive, like climbing a tree for food, sprinting, or carrying and dragging weighted objects up and down tough terrain, is rough work, that old cultures thought nothing of it, just a way of life they lived.

Even laying or sitting on the floor becomes a chore, and becomes harder to get up as we age, sitting makes us weaker!

The heavier you are fat or heavily muscled gets harder with age!

The Navy Seals don’t look for the strongest, they look for the toughest men who can handle lots of pain, not who can lift the most in the gym!

Remember, you will age, but how you are is your choice!

Johnny Grube


  1. Andrew stone says

    Great post and so true!

  2. BrooklynChuck says

    This is true John. Never trade speed and mobility for size. It is so unnatural. Glad to see all these new articles. I anticipate them always

  3. “If more men would spend more time outdoors and doing the things that kept them young, they would be in better shape physically and mentally.” Nailed it, but society conditioned us to stay comfortable, sit infront of the screen all day while sitting in a chair to guarantee that you get back problems.

  4. Absolutely Timo! But it should be easy for the young guy with no kids.And fathers and grandfather’s need to be the biggest role models.

  5. Really informative article thank you!

  6. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. TONY RILEY says

    johnny, as you knw iv been follwing your site and workouts fr nearly 10 years, and this is got to be your best post yet imo, exellent post!

  8. Thanks Tony!

  9. They have said sitting can kill you.

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