Fat and Heavy Training!

Does this look and type of training really impress you? Is this what you
think is healthy? Fat and strong is not healthy, putting your body
through this type of stress of one rep is not a fit and healthy lifestyle.

I love the question how much do you bench? And it’s the first question
asked most, why? Hey being fat and training heavy is only a little
better than the fat guy that sits on the couch and drinks beer.

I can’t believe men still think eating big and training big is the answer
to being some kind of scary bad ass, and it probably impresses  a lot
of people that have no idea this type of training is almost useless
without other conditioning.

I like pissing off guys with the big bench press by letting them train with
me from time to time and them finding out that 300 to 400lb bench press
is useless in almost all areas of life unless a competitive power lifter.

I don’t care who thinks what, I have been through it after 30 years of training
and working for 30 years as a physical laborer. Another thing how many gurus
or anyone else who talks shit have any idea what it’s like to train all day as a
laborer and than train after or before work? Probably zero, they read books
and only hear of the old time athletes that built strength through hard work.

I lived this way all my life from day one. I’m different and I know from personal
experience form many years in the labor and training environment that the heavy
training will eventually cripple you up and when it does and you have no other
option and the body says enough is enough then you can tell me I was telling
the truth.

Hell I hear it in other posts men 10 to 20 years younger how their bodies are
beat up, really? Are you kidding me? If you are putting in only 4 to 5 days
of training in a week and train for maybe an hour and you get a lot of recovery
time and you are complaining you should be ashamed of your weak self!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube



  1. Wildman:
    I like your attitude and you “hit the nail on the head” by your example of working labor all day and then
    having to train.
    Your right most if not all of the “so-called” fitness gurus could not, would not, be able to handle this.
    You tell it like it is and don’t give a s— who likes it or not, but you speak the truth.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Right on the money Johhny !
    I speak with young guys and am amazed to learn that their idea of “training” is to sit thru most of their “workout” while looking in the mirror checking their form.
    Pullups, burpees etc….what the hell are those ?
    They are too hard ! LOL
    I’m almost 62 and am more fit than most of them.
    Keep up the good work Johnny

  3. Mailk young says

    I just want to say I like everything you put and the 5 minute workout is light years ahead of everything that out there it crazy.I would like to two things , I’m a martial art instructor out of NYC what book do I need to gain more power and speed? And how can I because instructor of your fitness system ?

  4. Hi Johnny,

    This was a timely article for me, because i used to be that guy in the photo above. I thought i found a perfect sport where i could eat whatever i like and as much as i like and still be considered an athlete. This lead to incorrect training and a string of injuries and one in particular (lower back) that put my out of training for 18 months.

    Since the injury 3 years ago, the bulk of my training has been calisthenics. The weight is slowly coming off (started at 130kg, down to 110kg at present). I feel a hell of a lot better and much fitter.


  5. Your book has inspired me to do body weight exercises exclusively. Weights and Kettle Bells never gave me the conditioned feeling I get from doing five minutes of burpees. Now at my office job I can do easily do five minute workouts in the morning and afternoon. Talk about feeling great to work. Now I can sit at my computer and feel up-tone.. No more “dragg’n bottom” all day.

  6. while I was a powerlifter and highland games thrower I always tossed in sled drags, carries, high rep kettlebell work and tons of bodyweight stuff……most just thought I was crazy!! I grappled at the time and spent time on the heavy bag and speed bag but I kept returning to bodyweight and outdoor stuff like rucking or heavy carries. now at my ‘should be wiser’ age of 66 5 days is spent outdoors or in my apt with cals ,kettlebells chins, ab wheel and Bulgarian bag. once a week I hit the gym for some heavy work and the rest of the time I sorta kinda follow the east indian model with my mace and body weight stuff! health,durability,toughness and a proper mindset are developed by a daily ‘grind’ keep up the good work and please know that your site and comments are loved by those I have passed them on to..great stuff johnny! p/s/ my training model came from judo and several matt furey seminars I attended while still a young sprout of 52….he is a great guy and a treasure chest of info. keep spreading the word……………..

  7. Thanks, you are a model to follow!

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