Fat Ass Gym Teachers

We have a problem with childhood obesity,and it’s only getting worse. Who’s
fault is it? Ours. The parents, how about the the fat ass gym teachers in the
schools. You know the saying ” Do as I say not as I do”.

I don’t really remember a real fit gym teacher, I know when my kids
where in school they weren’t fit. So how can people expect kids to listen
to a gym teacher that’s fat.

These gym teachers are supposed to set an example and they don’t, these
teachers should be able to do the same thing they have kids do.

If the the teacher tells the kid to run a mile he or she better be able to do it,
or if the kids are doing pushups, how many can you do? And their waist should
never be bigger then the length of their pants, you know something like a
38″ / 30″ or 36″/30 got it.

If you look like a bowling ball and waddle when you walk get a job in the school
cafeteria and leave the phys-ed to men and women that are fit.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. […] first gym teacher, Mr. Nomasnick, was a big man.  As I recall, he was very out of shape and had one of those large beer bellys only a true […]

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