Fat Habits

What do people really want when it comes to their health and physical
fitness? If you just look around you will see that they want the easiest
possible way to get healthy and fit.

Easy is good if you can have it. But if you think you can get anything
without working for it, you’re being an idiot. You can try all the workout
methods and try all the diet plans and you will soon find out you have
been duped.

There is one thing that is easy and that’s getting fat. Getting fat is easier
then watching what you eat and exercising. I think that people are happy
where they are, if they weren’t it would be different. I also think that
most people can care less about their health, they think that it’s o.k.
to abuse their body.

Most people would never think about abusing their homes or their
cars but their health doesn’t seem to matter. Experts will tell you
that your biggest and most expensive asset is their home, I disagree.

Your biggest asset is your physical and mental health, and if you
disagree with that logic why even bother, and just end it now.

I get told that I’m to hard on people and that it’s not easy to find
time to exercise or I don’t have the time to eat right I’m just to
busy.  No. You just don’t care. It’s just not that important to you.

I love the people that tell me that they don’t eat much junk food
and are overweight these people are just plain old liars.

The bottom line is these people have fat habits. What are fat
habits? Everything we do is usually done through habits.

If you are fat and you want to know what fat habits are, just
look at the way your lifestyle is, what you eat, how much you
exercise the way you live.

Do you eat all day long? Do you eat food that is mostly processed?
Do you you look for the parking spot closest to the store? Do you
do what ever is possible to not be active? Do you plan your whole day
and night around what or where you will go to eat? These are fat

Healthy habits are the opposite of the fat habits. You chose better
food. You just park your car and walk. You look for ways to be
active. These habits are habits of healthy people.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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