OMG! Misters, pot bellies do last longer in bed. A recent study by Getty, the scientific research, from Erciyes University in Turkey showed that fatter men indeed tend to make it longer in bed. Those who have excess body fat tend to develop more female-based sexual hormones. As a result of this development, their sexual performance is affected, and they tend to last longer in bed.

Men who are on the chubbier or healthier side seem to have high-fat levels that result in the growth of a female sex hormone called estradiol. This hormone, in turn, leads to a chemical imbalance in the body that helps them to last longer in bed.

Yes, chubbier men do seem to have much higher levels of estrogen too — which is a lady hormone. Though all men have it, the obese ones tend to have it more. Aromatase enzyme changes the levels of testosterone to estrogen. Since the fat body tissue contains more aromatase, obese men tend to have increased levels of estrogen. Another issue is that fat or extra flab tends to double as a reservoir for storing estradiol, which is again another type of female hormone.

The same survey showed that fat men tend to last at least 7.3 minutes more in bed as compared to the average man during lovemaking. The regular, healthy men seem to last 1.8 minutes on an average in bed.

Researchers analyzed this pattern for about a year, during which they took various kinds of recordings, including the body mass index (BMI). This survey was conducted on at least 100 patients who were assigned specialist treatment.

Both fit and obese men were compared during this study. Results revealed that men who had lower BMI also needed more treatment for premature ejaculation. And coincidentally, most of them were fitter. It was also found that most men who had issues with premature ejaculators seemed to be on the leaner side.

Another study that included 2.5% of British men tend to be fat. In fact, they were unable to see their penis because of their belly fat issues. This, in turn, contradicted their sexual prowess.

The Huffington Post UK added to this that if men were willing to risk their overall physical health for the sake of sexual pleasure or longer-lasting in bed, they could try getting a little obese. However, the other risk factors associated with being obese should not be overlooked.

On the whole, reduced levels or dripping levels of testosterone in men only means reduced male hormone. These low levels are an indication that you are eventually going to have decreased or reduced serotonin in the brain. This serotonin is regarded as one of the most vital neurotransmitters in men for controlling the act of ejaculation. Along with lowered male hormones, there is a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, and many other disorders in fatter men, which in turn will eventually impact sexual performance. So not an all win-win here!

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP