Fat People are Boosting the Economy

Fat People are Boosting the Economy

Yup, we can thank the fat men and women of this country
for boosting economy. Without the fat and diseased there
would not be a spike in health care, medical insurance,
diet supplements, magazines, newspapers, internet,
restaurants, fast food and the beefed up pharmaceutical

Why is medical coverage not like auto insurance meaning
if you don’t use it, you get lower rates?

People are bitching about money, drive by any restaurant
on Friday or Saturday night and try and find a parking space;
not to mention people will stand around waiting; this is
probably the only exercise most of these people will get.

The bars are packed, but money is so tight that people
can’t pay their mortgage or car payments but always pay
their cell phone bill.

What about the diabetic that would rather lose a limb or go
blind rather than give up junk food, Hmmm…. Cake or my
foot – I’ll take the cake!

Why does society make it okay to be overweight? They will
tell you it’s not healthy and in the same breath tell people it’s
not their fault, whose fault is it? I know there are exceptions,
and did you ever notice it’s every fat person has that

Warm and fuzzy is what people want, well how has that been
working? Everyone is eating healthier and if that was the
case, how are we getting more sick and fatter by the day?

I’ve been told that I’m mean, that I don’t really want to
help people and other cool things, I don’t want to hold
your hand and tell you we will get through it together,
I won’t cry with you. Why? Because I’m NOT fat, I’m
not responsible.

If I’m offensive in today’s sweet society, why is a fat,
sloppy person wearing clothes they shouldn’t be wearing,
not considered offensive? I find it offensive that they don’t
care, I find it offensive I have to see these men without a
shirt, I find it offensive when a woman is wearing a bathing
suit and it is being sucked in by her body.

The fact is we need to stop being so sweet and tell it like it
is and if your fat and reading this it is all 100% your fault.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube



  1. BrooklynChuck says

    Slobs never prosper

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