Fat People Are Dumber People.

No one has ever had an intelligent conversation with a fat person, why? Because fat people are usually slothful. 

I’m not talking about men who put on intentional weight for strength training or sports, I’m talking about the everyday weak minded doughboy.

Fat people don’t read nonfiction, they usually read fiction and watch a lot of tv, a lot of these fat guys watch a lot of sports they no longer are capable of playing, they drink alcohol and eat shit food.

The other side of fat men are the men who need to go to poor countries to find a women because they are even to unappealing to the over weight purple haired, tattooed she beasts here in America. 

I guess if we were talking video games and Harry Potter I guess that could be considered as an intelligent talk between to 30 year old virgins.

Most people are programmed through tv, they use illegal or prescription medications, alcohol and eat shit food on the regular and still think their masters degree gives them extreme intelligence.

It’s like Jordan Peterson a psychologist who was addicted to drugs because of depression, he has the education but can’t figure out how to fix himself.

It’s like a fat person telling another fatty how to lose weight, or a welfare recipient lecturing a homeless person on financial responsibility.

This is where we are at as a country. Weak and Stupid.

~Strength ~



  1. Wow sounds like you should be President! Why aren’t you president though? It’s because you’re too insecure and uneducated Grube. You are projecting your inner critic to the outside world on “fat people” instead of dealing with the fact that you are a one dimensional person. Sounds like you need to expand your being Grube, there is more to life than exercise. You also can’t have an intelligent conversation with someone who can only measure his success in life by how many push-ups he can do or by how fast he can do a certain number of burpees while wearing ten pound ankle weights. Can you play an instrument? Can you speak with any depth on any matter of science or other discipline? Do you feel that criticism of the weak makes you strong? I say this to help you develop some depth, some tenderness to your soul. You seem to be obsessed with portraying yourself as tough but that can really only take you so far. There is more to life, and before you point out the speck of dust in someone’s eye, remove the log from your own.

  2. Angelina, obviously fat and unhappy, I bet you think abusing your body is natural, I bet you have pink hair, tattoo’s and a bull ring in your nose. You asked about playing an instrument, were you a rejected band girl? What is your definition of education? An indoctrinated college liberal arts, gender studies education? I will compare my personal home library to yours.

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