Fat People Are Offensive!

Obesity is destroying society! You fat fucks who don’t care, but complain of high medical costs, it’s your fucking fault!

No one visits the doctors or hospitals more than obese people,
with issues created by your lifestyle, you are the problem!

Society might except this, I DO NOT, I will still stare at you, feel embarrassment for your children, and will be thinking the shitty role model you are.

By raising your kids in you dirty lifestyle teaching them that living a life that creates disease is CHILD ABUSE!

As you lumber across the parking lot to the “all you can eat” buffet, taking your last drag of your cigarette, wearing a pair of sweat pants that look like you just got back from a paint ball fight, dirty and ripped, and don’t even have pride to wear your good sweat pants out to eat!

Yes, you are a big problem, you are a blight in society, you make
nice environments ugly, I hope you are offended, because you offend me, that is ALL!

Take Pride Fat Ass

Johnny Grube


  1. Just read the FAT PEOPLE ARE OFFENSIVE, sorry to say but it’s true , don’t these people have any pride left. 50 years ago the masses where not obese as they are now. Now if the government really wanted people to lose weight, there would be nation wide life style change, but that will NEVER change so we have to live with these people.

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