Fat, Sick and Stupid

Fat, Sick and stupid

Do you know why health care is so high? Do you know why
we are going to have this new health care bill? Because we have
become a fat, sick and weak nation.

I can go as far to say that we are fat, sick and stupid. Why are we
fat? We eat to much. Why are we sick? We eat to much.
Why are we stupid? We know we eat to much and don’t care.

This is why we are having such a push in the medical field. Look
around and look at all the people that lost their jobs and look at
all the people that can’t find jobs because their company either
outsources sold their company or just have figured that they can
get by with less. But medical field will continue to hire because
we are fat and sick.

I can’t think of another reason for the high cost of health care, other
than being fat and diseased and most is from lifestyle choices.

Just watch fat people cross the street, especially if they are in a
heard, it’s like a cattle crossing. Slow and funny.

Think of the message we send our children, if we are supposed to
be children’s role models and we want we want our children
to learn from us, then why are we always setting bad examples.

If your kids see you fat and overweight they will probably follow
in your footsteps, if they see you come home from work and
get stupid drunk, they probably will too.

These kids see their baseball coaches smoking or getting thrown
from games because of the way they act, it’s crazy.

We are showing our kids that if you get fat there are quick fixes
like surgeries that will cause you to eat less and as a matter of
fact anyone I have ever known to get these surgeries lose weight
but don’t change their eating habits. They still eat the same foods.

Yesterday, I see one eating potato chips and dip for lunch! A few
weeks ago I seen one eating fast food, They will risk their life to
get these surgeries and go back to eating the same way that got
them to that point.

Today we will listen to anybody if it relates to the way we are,
if they printed in the newspaper fast food is good for you, it would
give them validation and they would eat more of it.
We listen fat doctors about weight we listen to drug addicts speak
about not doing drugs or alcoholics about not drinking or women
speak about not having sex and being unwed mothers.

I got an idea, the next time you have extra money to invest go find a
bum and ask him where you should invest your money and let me know
how it works out for you.

The point I’m trying to make is that we cause our own problems,
no one else. What we need is a wellness plan, you want to prevent
sickness and disease the problem is most wait until they have a weight
problem or get sick before they take any action.

So let’s take charge get well stay fit and eat good wholesome foods
and drink plenty of water.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

P.S. I want to start a new day, They have the great American smoke
out, they have secretary day I want to start “ Give an apple to a fat person

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