Felon Fitness

I’m a collector of books. I have so many health and fitness books on many topics
but few are worth while. But I do believe that I can learn at least one thing in any book that
can improve something some where.

Some times these books just give me a refreshing look at a different angle. As far a FELON FITNESS
goes I like it, I think the men in the pictures were ex con’s. Either way the workouts in the book
are extremely brutal.

I have many prisoner fitness books and think this has the most physically demanding workouts
without questions. If there are men that think that the book is fraudulent and don’t believe it
give the workouts a try. The problem is, that just by looking at some of the workouts seem
almost super human.

I like the book and think the workouts are bad ass and for the serious bodyweight trainer
it should be a book in their library.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Whats the book called?

  2. Jeremy, the book is called “FELON FITNESS: How To Get A Hard Body Without Doing Hard Time”

    Johnny Grube, I had purchased this book based on your review of it on youtube. I actually like this book and I will take this book over “Convict Conditioning” or “Solitary Fitness” any day. I was especially impressed with the ingenuity of the “prison dumbbell”. Quite creative I must say.

    Stay Strong and Keep On Keepin’ On.

    D. Witt

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