Fighting Is not weakness, NOT fighting is!

I think people forget I have been around and earned my living blue collar all my life I choose it, and I’m proud of that!

Also some forget that I write exactly how I communicate everyday with or around blue collar men.

It’s offensive to men who are weak and effeminate, and who think they can save society by conforming to the mass mindset.

These posts are like the exact conversations I have at work with other men, rants if you want.

Maybe, you don’t like my fucking rants, maybe you will stop reading, it just means we probably would never get along in real life.

Experts tell you to write like you talk, this is how I talk, my opinions and experience is what I draw from.

I like the guys who try and break my balls under a hidden name, they have no respect for themselves.

I’m actually okay if someone wanted to take a trip to Central Pa and confront me, I would have NO problem taking them up on a meeting to fix the problem they have with me.

I get physical threats from weak men I offend far away. I have given opportunities to men who have gotten tough online who didn’t realize I lived local, once they found I was close and willing to meet up they disappear.

In all my years of working blue collar, some men threatened to “kick my ass” they ALWAYS got the opportunity, when they found I was already outside they decided against their original thought.

I have always given tough guys the opportunity to prove their toughness.

I’m always ready to fucking fight!

Fighting is not weakness, NOT willing to fight is!

I don’t go looking for fights, but don’t make the mistake of ever acting aggressive or threatening me or my family.

Most men have a SMALL understanding of time spent around a lot of different men, I on the other hand have spent my entire life from childhood in a man dominated environment!

A more polite society would be one where men with big mouths, or who want to impose violence because they are offended by words were able to be dealt with, with violence without the protection of law enforcement.

The law protects weak fucks from destruction.

Strong men create a stronger society that can protect themselves.

Weak men create a weak society, one that needs protection.

I live and prefer to live in a peaceful environment, it’s smart for me, because it keeps me out of trouble. Living around scumbags who bring nothing to society, who might make a mistake on the street towards me or my family will get fucking stomped!

Yes, I will stomp the fuck out of someone and then call the cops !

Be the man you need to be, the man you’re supposed to be, not the weak man society wants you to be!

Men fight, men are ready to fight when they need to!

In my opinion men are fighters, men who avoid all conflict lose their manhood and are soon abused be ALL, they lose their ability to act as men!I

Today’s society wants men who are castrated, spineless cowards who back in a corner and refuse to fight, they want men to apologize for strength and courage, while they praise the degenerates of society, the weak, the mentally ill, the diseased.

Johnny Grube


  1. I’ll knock a motherfucker straight out they threaten me or my family or pose any threat to them . Always have always will. And I agree on living in a peaceful environment because most cocksuckers I’ve put on their ass was in ghetto neighborhoods that thought they were tuff guys and saw quickly what they really were . Ghettos fucking discuss me , a bunch of bums shitting where they eat , drunks , druggies , no jobs and then act like they’re super man. I will pummel these motherfuckers left and right just as i done in my younger years

  2. It’s a shame we live in a society that basically says: “Even if it was self defense, you still get in trouble.” Like you, I don’t go around looking for trouble, trouble looks for me.

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