Fighting Is Primal For Men!

I often talk about real fighting by actual tough guys who fight for pride and honor, to prove their worth in the world of men, high testosterone fueled men who are raw, rough and tough!

Not, taking anything away from skilled fighters, I just enjoy watching men fight for legacy, just like I enjoy high school football but don’t watch pro football, it’s all about money and little pride!

In pro fighting the champions are hungry until they win, then they become the prey of every one looking to take them out, to be the top dog!

Pro fighters who make $30 million to lose a fight will never get my respect or money.

The fight above would have almost everyone stop and watch it, it’s raw, it’s primal, outdoors and people like raw!

The wild swing man didn’t lose because of skill, even though you can tell the other guy was a skilled fighter, he lost because lack of conditioning, lack of conditioning, will cause a man to stay down, because his body no longer has oxygen, not because he was hurt!I

I have never claimed to be an expert in boxing, and don’t care to be because, I’m not about the science as I am of the balls of men who do it for free.

But, I do think knowing how to box is one of the best thing any┬áman can learn, it’s more valuable in the street, in crowded environment where falling to the ground and grappling in a mob will end in getting stomped!

I love my heavy bag, I love hitting the bag, it’s because aggressive behavior has always been part of my life, I enjoy aggressiveness, people don’t like my answers, my response on handling situations because my answers are aggressive!

I will continue to train like I do for any situation, and I might have more training experience than people might think.

Men tire pushing off other men, a huge weakness and it’s why it’s important for a man to be strong for real life, I often train in street clothes, like pants and steel toe boots, in hot and cold environments!

Our job is is to protect and provide for our family, they are supposed to be protected by the man, we are primal wildmen protecting our tribe!

Toughness Is A Mindset!

Johnny Grube




  1. I love watching fights on youtube. Often it would get bloody. I recall getting into tons of fights when I was in middle school. People always tell me “fighting is wrong”. The fuck? Fighting is essential for respect and survival. Like how you said Johnny Grube, “NOT FOR THE WEAK!!!”

  2. Wow, the wild swinger did cause a lot of damage. If only he was conditioned enough, the kickboxer wouldn’t not stand a chance, he would technically be fighting a prisoner.

  3. The wild swinger was very explosive. Had he been better skilled I feel he would’ve won . However I don’t see a lost in this for him . With heart and courage like that he can only be honored. After the first knockdown he gets right up and fights his heart out . That can only be respected. What got him is the other guy had good timing . And that’s where the knockdowns came . Overall tho that was one hell of a fight.

  4. @Chuck
    If the wild swinger were to be more conditioned, he would have won, because Johnny said the reason why he got knocked out is because his body ran out of oxygen.

  5. He couldn’t get up, he wasn’t knocked out. In bare knuckle fights you can’t hit as hard as with wrapped gloves hands.

  6. @Johnny Grube
    That’s why having lots of conditioning helps.

  7. @Johnny Grube
    You know what’s so fucked up? Law and order would arrest you for fighting, even though you have to defend yourself. What? So calling 911 would guarantee me to be alive and everything would be alright?? HELL NO!! Some people had told me if someone wants to fight you in the streets, call 911. Fuck that I would fight the person until he backs off.

  8. The tall guy had laser accuracy.

  9. @Marovsky

    They’re out of their fucking minds with that call the cops shit

  10. @Chuck
    No wonder some men have to stay effeminate. Weak, estrogen driven, bitches who says “violence isn’t the answer”. In reality, this world is unforgiving and only the strong has survived for millennia. Man has survived in nature from fighting. Hell, two nations would fight each other to the death to conquer larger portions of land.

  11. @Marovsky

    Your comment there is gold bro ! I couldn’t have said it better

  12. @Chuck
    Yep, we as wildmen, have to workout to survive. We don’t follow the masses that tells us “you are overtraining. Bodyweight workouts will not give you results. Only gyms give you fitness. Etc.” Too much gimmicks and lies put on to us. Everyone should know that all you need is your body to get strength and conditioning. Sadly, people are too weak minded and just follow because of social proof.

  13. Appalachian WildMan! says

    Look up “Milling” fellas! Its a great test of toughness and conditioning, to bad it’s hard to find many buds who will be your sparring partner even here in the Appalachian mountains!

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