Fitness Experts Say, Manual Labor Is Inferior!

Hey, the so called fitness experts keep telling me manual labor work is inferior to going to the gym.

I guess I have NEVER been in a gym!

I guess they mean the building that is filled with treadmills, kettlebells, juice bars, mirrors, spandex pants etc!

If it don’t look cool it’s inferior to what has keep men strong since the beginning of time, manual FUCKING labor.

Are these men who argue the point just inferior men outside the gym?

I know these men are inferior outside the gym you can tell by their outside lifestyle.

I wonder how many trips to the water fountain between bench presses, or how many times they flex walking by the mirror?

But here is the fucked up part!

The argument is there is “no progression” or “no range of motion”.

Those are gym terms, they are not manual labor terms!

I guess moving things in different environments, stairs, hills, up and down, heat, cold, rain, ice and snow.

Different weights, different terrain, different body movements aren’t progressive?

But here is the worst part. These experts use manual labor style workouts for their clients!

Tire flipping, sledgehammer slamming, sled pulling and pushing, weighted shovel work, etc!

Try carrying a 50 lb rock in front of you for a 1/2 Mike.

Try holding a 1 minute Isometric Horse Stance while near hugging a 70 lb heavy bag, walking 10 yards, then repeating the circuit 4 or 5 times, most of you will fail.

Or how about a 1 arm tire flip without using your body to flip it, even a smaller tire is difficult with 1 arm, you need explosive strength.

I am blue collar, most of my strength is from over 38 years of a labor lifestyle!

Don’t try and bullshit me with your gym is superior to blue collar ball busting work.

I have said it before, I knew many strong men who never entered a gym, all sizes and shapes.

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    Of course they would say that because now fitness in this modern age has been downgraded to looking good and cool looking exercises, all for the money they want from your pocket, instead of going through the suffering that real training has to offer, along with discipline.

  2. I watched my grandfather work til his dying day . Up and down ladders , carrying heavy objects even into his seventies . And I remember seeing guys lift weights in gyms all buffed up who would huff and puff carrying groceries into their house . The gym shit is all to sell people shit . A huge deception into making people think they’re strong .

  3. Marovsky says

    FUCK YEAH!!!

    I was able to do the 10 min isometric workout without fucking up once!

    5 min horse stance and a 5 min push up hold

  4. Bodybuilding is just what it is,body building..estetics,i dont compete wuth those guys,they cant do shit….now and then i challenge them for a quick push up test,they always lose,although they thought they win 100%,because i dont have typical fitness physique… working in construction,ventilation chanels mounting,every day training after work

  5. Good job marowsky,are u from poland,or of polish heritage??
    And a question for johnny…..i do pushups regularly….what do u think of 900-980pushups in 30 minutes….thats my test routine…how to beat the barrier if 1000

  6. Mz, Nope, I’m born in America with a Haitian heritage. I just have a unique name.

  7. Who are these “fitness experts” you speak of?

  8. It is possible to achieve a high level of fitness and strength without going to a gym.
    I can train at home. I don’t need any equipment. I don’t need to lift heavy weights. Pushups and Situps. That’s a great basis right there. Dips off a chair. Chinups off a tree branch, it’s all free. You can run laps around the block. With just your bodywiehgt and a few basic exercises you can achieve so much. Try crancking out 1000 pushups in under 30 mins. Do them in sets of 50. That would kill most fitness freaks.

  9. Paul , you’re right of course but their excuse would be that you used bad form

  10. Surly, after 38 years of reading, studying and training do you think I should record everything everyone ever says because someone might ask me who said it.

    Do your own research youtube is filled with them.

  11. Marovsky says

    Rob, these terms “good form” and “bad form” is all for vanity instead of actual hardwork.

  12. @Marovsky

    Ain’t that the truth

  13. I don’t know of too many fitness youtubers, but that guy Alpha Destiny is the only one I ever saw say anything like that.

  14. Hi Marovsky , hi Chuck. Damn right , when a man objects to your ” form ” , usually what he really objects to is the fact you can do something he can’t

  15. @ Surly , I judge people by their actions and it seems to me everyone who trains in a gym must think gym training is superior , they don’t have to come right out and say so

  16. Marovsky says

    Not even one of these bodybuilders can manage a one minute push up hold.

  17. Hello guys,im stuck on cca 900-950pushups in 30mins,does anyone have advice how to break barrier of 1000,thx

  18. @Mz , maybe do a few more reps per set ?

  19. Marovsky says

    Mz, you can do sets of 100.

  20. @Rob

    Form has destroyed not only training but has even weaken men on jobs . Men are not fulfilling certain job duties fast enough due to proper form . Proper form is a Cancer to men

  21. Marovsky says


    Did it ever get to a point that someone would criticize your “bad form” so much, that you feel like tearing their head off?

  22. @Marovsky

    They’re called form police lol

  23. @ Chuck

    Exactly ! I have been thinking about this lately and I believe this obsession with form is holding people back because they are prioritising “Form ” over results

  24. @Chuck


  25. @Rob

    No such thing as “good form,” yet these guys still get results.

  26. Yeah , hard work is what gets results and those guys are WORKING ..

  27. Marovsky says


    Hell yeah!!!

  28. And as for mirrors in thr gym , for fuck’s sake how can anyone be so out of tune with their body they have to look in a mirror to know what they’re doing ??! These idiots need some serious bodyweight training to teach them how their bodies work and respond.

  29. Marovsky says


    Hahaha, I said it once and I will say it again, looking good in the mirror doesn’t help you survive.

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