Fitness Magazines are for the Ordinary Man

Today’s fitness magazines are a joke! I love reading the cover of these magazines, they
make some big promise’s. And men today will believe every word of it. I love seeing
some of the celebrities workouts in these magazines, some but very few of these
celebrities have a tough workout.

I seen one workout with a celebrity that just uses a pullup bar and this workout makes
him a super stud I also love the plank, how many times in a magazine do we need to see
the plank? Be a man hold yourself in a pushup position. Holding the pushup position
will build more strength and build a tougher core then the plank.

I love the ripped to shred’s super star throwing around his 10 lb dumbbells or the
30 kettelbell row, amazing how people will be fooled into thinking that this the
way to physical fitness.

Very rarely is there any programs in these magazines that will build a high level
of fitness they will just build ordinary men and what man want’s to just be ordinary?

Every man wants to be the best man he can be, but very few will work and sweat and
put in the pain to accomplish a higher level of fitness they would rather read try some
really cool superstars workout that will fit the bill.

If you want to be a highly physically fit machine train like one. Work, work and work
harder that’s how you build a high level of physical fitness. Try some intense bodyweight
circuits and toughen yourself up!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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