Fitness Pros – Jack of all trades, master of none.

This my take on most so called fitness professionals. These pros can train anyone for anything.
If you want to run a marathon they can train you, even though they never ran a marathon.
They can train you to be a bodybuilder even though they never were a bodybuilder. Just
because they are certified doesn’t mean they have all they answers, most often  then not
they are only book learned.

Take it this way, if you wanted to learn karate would you go to someone that taught judo?
It’s the same thing, you can’t be a master at every way of training or a master in every sport,
it takes to many years and most people won’t put in the time.

The new type of training is functional training and everyone is an expert and I can’t figure
out how these fitness experts have become experts, unless you lived your life doing real
functional fitness ( labor ) then I find it hard to put them as experts.

Try this grab a sledge hammer and go out and smack a tire for 8 to 10 hours in the sun, taking
a couple of 15 minute breaks and a 1/2 hour lunch then go home and hit the gym. Think about
it, would you train this way day in and day out and still make it to the gym? You might for a while
but like most people they will stop because of seer exhaustion.

Hey brother, it takes more then putting a few chains over your shoulders while doing pushups
and a few kettlebell swings to build real functional fitness. Don’t get me wrong, there are some
great trainers out there but most are just jumping on the band wagon. They don’t live the lifestyle,
they are only part-time fitness people.

If you want to learn karate find someone that teaches Karate. Want to  run marathons find a
trainer that runs marathons. Want to lose weight find someone that has lost weight and kept
it off and model them.

Toughness Builds Winners
Johnny Grube


  1. Great post Johnny I hate people who talk about stuff they have never actually done. It’s just like teachers who teach theory but have never had actual experience in the field they are teaching. It is easy to tell once you start asking them questions. When I train people I only talk about stuff I have done like football workouts and body weight exercises. If I haven’t done it I won’t speak about it.

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