Foam Handles Lead To A Weak Society

If you need foam handles, if you need equipment to make training easier, why are you training?

Fitness equipment companies now make Ab Wheels with foam handles!

Think about this.

Foam handles on the Ab Wheel for people who can’t do more than 20!

How soft are you to need to protect your hands for something most can’t do for one minute?

I actually had to buy an Ab Wheel, it had foam handles, the first thing I did was cut the fucking foam off the handles, and underneath were regular handles!

I have done as many as 500 rollouts in one workout and never felt my hands were in trouble!

Training equipment today is made for soft people, gyms are catering to a weak society, and our overall society is on the verge of crumbling!

Gyms are every where, but people aren’t getting stronger or tougher they are getting their ass kicked by words, they are fatter, they drive to the gym to walk on the treadmill, yeah, hippies way to save the environment!I

Men now wear their hair longer than their buzz cut girlfriends, while the women wears the back pack with her kid on her shoulders while the scrawny male stands there looking weak and effeminate.

Everything is made softer for a softer society.

If you use equipment that is supposed to make you strong and you do what ever you can to make it easier, stop training!

Basically, foam handles shows the weakening in society

Weak men are of less value in a crumbling society!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    Foam handles on the ab wheel? Hahahaha!

    It’s for people who are afraid to get callouses on their soft bitch ass hands!

  2. Most tragic thing to see is women having their child in a backpack straddle because a weak man doesn’t want to carry the child . Men have truly lost their way. And foam handles , that is a God dam embarrassment for a man to train with that nonsense

  3. Men today want soft palms so they don’t get friction burns when jerking off

  4. In a recent post i mentioned the old bare knuclkle fighters which brings to mind Tom Cribb. He could punch the bark off a tree. Probably NOT worried abut getting callouses then.

  5. There are handles under there! haha. I cut mine off because it was squeaking where the foam rubbed.

    My Dad used to punch the glass out of parking meters for some reason. I suppose to impress ladies or something.

  6. My wife complains about my rough hands, but never tells me to put lotion on my hands, because I’m a man, and I wouldn’t anyhow.

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