Former Drug Addicts And Alcoholics Are NOT Hero’s!

If you have ever thought a former drug addict or alcoholic deserves praise for overcoming their addiction you are as weak as the former selfish addict!

I hear people praising these selfish mentally weak men a lot like they did nothing amazing, like they just did something worthy of praise, fuck these men!

I don’t care if it’s your father, son, daughter, mother, brother they were losers.

They can straighten up or die.

It’s great if they straightened up and joined the society of men who were strong enough not to become fucking losers who were selfish and didn’t care a second about people who counted on them for survival.

It’s like cops who revive overdosed drug users using tax payer dollars!

Don’t use the excuse it’s the doctors, the pharmaceutical companies you are a grown man, make your own decisions.

If you are that easily manipulated by a man in a white coat and are to weak to live with some pain, you are probably better off not being revived when you choose addiction.

If stress is to much for you, and you choose booze or drugs to cope, you are a weak loser.

Strong men live with pain, they find ways to cope that is helping them not destroying them!

You are responsible, and you alone!

You are not a hero! You are just a former addict!

They are not special, they deserve no praise, all they are is man who decided to step up and be a man like the rest of society who gets no special praise for NOT becoming a loser!

No one wants to hear your excuses, only weak fucks who are also weak and will soon look to you for sympathy!

Give no praise to the weak for a lifestyle they chose!

Johnny Grube


  1. Bums get no respect on my end . My father was a weak fuck , all my uncle’s . All lost their lives to drugs and my youngest brother who I haven’t seen in years addict to his shit. Last I heard he was homeless and I could give two fucks . I will never have mercy for these people. And very good point on how you said why don’t men who never fall to addiction get praise . Awesome article.

  2. You even gotta cut family off!

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