Former Geeks Writing About Masculinity!

We have a masculinity problem, we have weak man problem!

The problem is young guys today want to tell men how to be men, but are barely men themselves.

I have read these guys books and blogs, looked into their story, and they were nothing more than skinny weak geeks who never seen a gym until after high school.

You can’t write about being a bad boy if you have never been a bad boy!

Skinny or fat geeks get good grades, toe the line, never ever push the system, they don’t get laid, they are followers.

Then they talk smack about the working man, as if sitting home writing about a fictional, delusional life and trying to lead other weaklings is the way to prosperity.

I have seen these guys talk about their transformation, and you should be improving everyday, but taking more selfies than a girl in 9th grade is fucking weak.

I want to SEE what men can do, I don’t want to HEAR what men do, and if you think having a six pack of abs and fighting for time in front of the mirror with other former geeks, and still don’t want to get laid, your testosterone must still be low, or you’re gay!

Men should be able to fuck and fight from young man to old man.

Problem is these men have convinced themselves all women are trash and money hungry.

I have said it before, a women knows a strong man, the way they act, the way they carry themselves, they also know the men they can conquer.

Most so called Red Pill guys are easily conquered, it’s why they choose to stay away from women and any chance of having a strong red blooded family!

Real Bad Boys are hard to tame! Bad Boys can only be tamed, when they choose to be, they walk their own path.

Stacking on muscle does NOT make you a Bad Boy, a Bad Boy is created, and can only be calmed down by a select few close to him.

Sitting at a desk, hitting the gym does NOT make you an expert in masculinity, being a real man with years of experience does!

Johnny Grube


  1. Keep kicking ass Grube!!! Keep tearing shit up man!!

  2. Good stuff Johnny. Been thinking the same thing. You know I see a lot of guys who were as you said pencil necked dweebs and had a “transformation” and I can’t relate. I guess I was raised right and while I’ve certainly developed and gotten better through the years I was never weak. Part of me thinks this is sort of a sales trick. Like the “Look how I was and look at me now. And for 3 easy payments of 19.99 you can do the same”. Whereas I just can’t relate well to losers.

  3. Thanks Sledge! I was never a weak kid either.
    But these guys think selfies are all you need and their argument is validated.

  4. Marovsky thanks man!

  5. You know what’s a funny one too , the young guys in their 20’s preaching longevity lol . That shit is hilarious. Fucking people are clowns that do that shit . Great article as always John

  6. Hit them hard Johnny

  7. Thanks

  8. I will keep at it.

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