Former Royal Marine is bodyweight training machine and gets the best of me.

A while ago I posted a workout I tried called ” The Brutal Wildman Training 2,500 workout which consists of
6 different bodyweight exercise’s done in a circuit as fast as possible. 250 burpees, 1,000 jumping jacks,
250 crunches 250 squat thrusts, 500 bodyweight squats, 250 pushups. I posted a time of 49:36 and I
thought that was tough, then walks in this former Royal Marine.

He emails me and tells me that he and some buddies did the workout, and his time 45:06.
Not many people will ever give me a time let alone try these physically and mentally
demanding workouts. So when a former Royal marine from the U.K. does it and post a
time like this it gets me motivated.

Has anyone ever checked out the training the Royal Marines go through? Well when you get
a chance check it out. These guys are machines. They train using bodyweight training circuits
and are in superb condition. So seeing his time got me a little nuts. I was ready to sit down for
dinner and decided that I needed to try and get a better time then Max.

I actually gave up eating for competition. I knew it would be tough. To get a better time there would be
very little time for water and a quick wipe down. The sweat poured off. But in 41:58 done. Finished.
A brutal workout non stop any rest would cost me. But if I quit I would have failed and I would have
a problem with that, it would bother me until I got a better time.

If I didn’t get a better time I would have been pissed. But I needed to do at least better then my
original time. Which I smoked. I hope he doesn’t beat it because I was spent. I had a little left,
but not much. It’s nice to be able measure yourself and to continue  to push forward, because
if we aren’t trying to push harder and farther whats the use. We need to always be pushing harder
and farther then before, if you don’t you won’t grow. Besides ” I’d rather die then give up”.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Wow Johnny!!

    Your first time was great, then to hear the amazingly tough fit Royal Marine beat that, but your new time is truly incredible and Rocks!!!
    Goes to show, if the mind can conceive it …. You can Achieve it!!

    Keep Going !! Keep Growing!!

    Thanks for this new challenge and will post my time after finishing it.
    Got an awesome kick a** challenge …. Gotta Love it!!!


  2. Max Glover says

    Check your inbox mate… you may need to do the killer 2500 again! 😉

  3. Hey Mate

    Did the Royal Marine Commando come back and beat your time ????

    Would Love to know if he did ?

    Cheers G

  4. Yes, He did he came back with a time of 29:59 pretty intense.

    Johnny Grube

  5. Hey Johnny That is brilliant mate.
    Are you going to go after this one ? or leave the commando alone with the record ?

    cheers Graham


    are there any other workouts wear the Royal Marine has set the bar high ?

  6. John Chalus says

    As a former USN SEAL I would say that anything that the Royal Marine Commandos do as far as fitness any US Special Operator can do as well. SEALs, DEVGRU, SF, CAG, Force Recon, MARSOC, Air Force Combat Controllers etc are all put through a very demanding selection process using bodyweight exercises. After completion of selection they must continue to keep up an exceptional level of fitness in order to operate in any environment. I have actually worked with RMC SBS and they are a tough bunch.

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