FREE Gym Membership

FREE gym membership

In every city in America this country has free gym memberships available
to anyone who wants them. Where can you find these free gym memberships?

All you have to do is open up your front door and walk outside. The outdoors
is the biggest gym of all, nature’s gym is all you need to get your body the way
you want it. Creativity, imagination and the will to use nature to your advantage
is all you will ever need and it won’t cost you a dime.

Today’s society pushes the health club and gyms as the best way to get your
body and health back on track but in my opinion you are losing out and wasting
a lot of money on something you can do for free and save the travel time to the

Why drive to the gym so you can walk on the treadmill? All you need to do is
open up the door and start walking. In many cases by the time you drive to
the gym find parking and get on the machine you could have opened the door
went for a walk and been back to continue your day.

Your backyard or local park has all you will ever need to become extremely fit
in record time. Nature offers the greatest health benefit, outdoors in the fresh
air using your environment as your gym. The more naturally we learn how to use
our bodies the more we learn to eat naturally the better off you will be.

We are all born through nature but we find ways to De-nature ourselves by eating
processed foods, drinking sugary drinks and then spending hard earned money
doing something most people will stop doing in a couple of months – going to the

Walking to your local park is a great way to enjoy a natural type of workout, than
using your creativity to spend some time working out. You could do sprints, pushups,
you could find a tree for some pull-ups you could even climb the tree. Tree climbing
is a great body builder.

The key is to find things to do whether you pick up a rock or small log and carry
it for time or distance or just throw the rock and run after it. Natural body
movement is what will build the greatest health and fitness not spending time
in a stuffy gym doing some bench presses and curls.

Train naturally and prepare for amazing results and amazing health benefits.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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