I get tired of hearing things like Alcoholism is a disease drug addiction is a disease, They even
have billboards and tv commercials showing people from all walks of life athletes, white collar
and blue collar people, high school kids who get addicted to substance abuse.

 Signs Like This Will Stop Weak People From Doing Drugs


Basically what they are putting out to the public is it’s not  YOU that’s the problem, it’s the
damn evil influences and YOU are the victim!

Drug addiction and alcoholism is a disease, okay what about other addictive habits? Is
smoking a disease, how about caffeine? What about porn? Overeating has got to be a

Drugs are NOT the problem it’s weak minded people that abuse themselves because they
can’t manage a pathetic life! Because people in this society are ALL fucking victims.

I couldn’t care less if you know someone or a family member that was addicted or has died
because of  self abuse, they were weak! They chose to put  poison in their body and now others
are supposed to stand and fight!

Was getting some treat for my knee sometime back and the doctor wants to give me an
anti inflammatory and pain medications.

I said I don’t NEED to pain meds so don’t right the prescription, I don’t need it! I leave the
hospital and this doctor STILL gave me a prescription for pain! I threw the prescription away!

But because a doctor gave it to me, I guess he knew the pain I was in better than me, after all
the doctor is ALWAYS right! But because I have my own mind and can think for myself, I make
my own decisions.

Strong people don’t abuse their bodies and minds only weak people do, and most aren’t
smart enough to know that drugs and booze can kill you in that moment.

People make excuses for these people and always have a different opinion when it involves a
friend or family member and these enablers are also the problem. I have the same opinion
family or friend.

Until drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or food magically enter your system, we don’t have a
substance  abuse problem we have a weak people problem, we have a weak society

You Don’t Need Signs To Let You Know You Are Fucking Up!

It’s people who lack self respect and who don’t care what they do to their family,
they are selfish people who don’t deserve the sympathy they are given by friends
or family.

Be accountable and responsible for your own FUCKING life so the rest of us aren’t
bothered by constant “AWARENESS” programs!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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