Fuck Joggers!

Joggers fucking sicken me! Joggers are fucking weak!

I think joggers should run themselves out in front of a fucking car!

Most joggers are so weak they have a tough time doing any type of physical labor!

Every time I see a jogger I want to pounce on him like a lion on a gazelle! 

One day I seen a cop buddy of mine jogging in town, I pulled over and asked him why he jogging? He said to stay in shape for his job, I asked him, when was the last time a criminal jogged away from you? Then I drive off.

Have you ever seen a jogger that resembles a man? Have you ever seen a jogger that looks masculine? It’s because jogging lowers testosterone!

Think about the people that say, well at least their doing something, yup at the very least he is doing something, what kind of bullshit answer is that?

Jogging has never benefited anyone except making people skinny fat! So why waste your time doing anything as useless as jogging?

It would make more sense to walk, just as a way to stay active, but like walking or jogging neither helps with anything other than walking or jogging!

And the fucking jogger is usually the one that acts as if they are morally superior while they build a body of weakness!

Your scrawny legs, your lack of muscle looks like you spent time smoking the glass pipe!

If you are a jogger and want to tell me how bad ass you are, if you want to argue your position, if you want to tell me how jogging is manly, tell some other jogger your bullshit let them validate you, weakness will always validate weakness!

I could go down to almost any local 3K or 5K and just smack the shit out of the local runner because they are so weak!

Fuck The Jogger!

Johnny Grube





  1. “I could go down to almost any local 3K or 5K and just smack the shit out of the local runner because they are so weak!”

    do not misjudge one type of conditioning for the other!

    5k IS NOTHING!

    Run a marathon, than come back and tell how it felt.

    besides, what about old school boxers like Ali, Tyson, Marcciano, Frazier, Foreman?

    They all jogged.

    guess they were little weaklings back then…

  2. Again I will smack the shit out of a marathon runner! Boxers build their stamina
    more from punching the bag then running like a mindless zombie! After 35 years
    of training, and years of different martial arts I don’t know? That fat cow
    Oprah Winfrey ran a marathon, so do presidents, so does every skinny fat guy, it’s
    not impressive.

  3. Big difference between jogging and running. Running a hard 10k is a tough work out and. All great boxers ran their miles plus done their calisthenics. They are not mutually exclusive.

  4. @ simon:
    good point!

    yeah, you have experience. i get that.

  5. Nobody is too good for running. If running is easy, try running faster. Once you pick up the pace running soon gets you breathing hard and yes it is useful for fighting. I think Mr Johnny Grube is making reference to slow paced distance jogging. You don’t have to run far to get the benefits. You don’t have to go out and run 10km. Even running a distance of 2km can be a tough workout. A 2km run can be the hardest workout of your life. It all depends on HOW you attack it. It’ about intensity. If you coast your way through it, sure it becomes easy. Once you turn it into a 2km sprint trust me it puts you in pain.

  6. Dmitry Meshcheryakov says

    I couldn’t have said it better ! Fuck joggers … got my rescue dog freaked out so bad she bolted and almost got killed.! You will die fat …And fuck your mothers too…

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