Fuck Weak Society!

The world is easier when you are strong.  Scary when you are weak. So why the constant
beat down on masculinity? Why do men look at masculinity as something evil?

The fact is masculinity keeps you little weak minded dough boys safe from strong people
who would other wise take what they wanted from you, including your fat feminist girl friend
or wife just because they can, and you can do nothing except pray that a masculine man will
help save your pathetic existence!

This is true!

While you take pride in your weak existence other savage men are training with
the hate, to your very existence.

The very people you despise are the only ones that can save you from your
own weakness, and from the men that would beat you around for nothing more than
a good time.

Strength and conditioning are wasted on these metro sexual, short sleeve flannel shirt
wearing, socks with sandals wearing, have never changed a flat tire mindless fucks!

These males don’t deserve to be called MEN, they are of the male gender, but don’t confuse
these males with actual men, and maybe for ID purposes they should be able to check their
gender as “Sissy” and then society will know where these males fit in!

Men no longer produce testosterone, they are filled with estrogen slowly being transformed into
feminist transgender men who are hated by the strong.

I believe in letting the weak fend for themselves, the men that push for weakness should
be able
to take care of themselves or perish!

If your easily offended NEVER fucking cross my path and ever think I will back down!

They say “Be the better man” I say “I will be standing over looking down on the better man”!

I love the way HATE fuels the Wildman in all men!

I refuse to live in today’s times following any rules pushed by the weakest fucks I have ever seen,
so go ahead, show your balls make the mistake in crossing into HELL!


Johnny Grube

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