Fuck Weaklings, Embrace Toxic Masculinity

I think people forget I’m not the typical fitness expert/trainer, I don’t care what people think of me or my philosophy.

I write the way I talk to guys on the loading dock, a truck stop, a construction site, with no filter or care for a man that is offended by my presence or words.

My writing are more like rants, its how I live, I go off the handle, say what I want and will call you out on your bullshit.

It’s always about strength for me, I’m a man, whether you like or agree with my life philosophy it’s of no concern to me.

I raised four kids the hard way in a hostel labor environment, I love that politically INcorrect society that men thrive in, there is no place in man’s world for fucking weakness!

Men are in charge, and should always be in charge, we are the strong, we are to protect our women and children!

Fuck the weaklings, love TOXIC masculinity, get stronger, get tougher, piss off and offend any and all that is weak.

I told a weakling today who trains at planet fitness, you want to get strong and build toughness, grab a rock, carry it around and punch someone in the face!

Turn your back on the capable weak, treat them as if less value, they are the disease of a manly society!

Johnny Grube


  1. This article is such a motivation!!

    Keep kicking ass!!!!

  2. Always lighting it up with these articles . You’re the fucking man !

  3. Planet fitness is such a weak ass gym. They have said they are non-judgmental, but yet they call weight lifters “lunkheads”. They are so fucking hypocritical.

  4. Keep it coming John. I love these daily rants.

  5. Thanks man!

  6. Thanks man!

  7. Thanks brother!

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