Functional Fitness Expert and the Brain Surgeon

Functional Fitness Expert and the Brain Surgeon

What does today’s functional fitness expert and a brain surgeon
have in common? Nothing. So, what’s the point?

The point is would you let a brain surgeon work on a family
member if he just got out of medical school? You would think
a brain surgeon would put in thousands of hours of preparation
and study before opening up someone’s head, Right?

Most of today’s functional fitness experts have never ever worked
for any period of time as someone that actually has done physical
labor. So what does labor have to do with functional fitness?

Everything! The wheel barrow pushing, the tire flipping, hitting the
tire with a sledgehammer, lifting in odd positions, dragging heavy
objects etc, these are exercises that mimic the laborer, the man who
works this way to feed his family.

These men do this type of work for hours every single day and there
is no way you can prove to me that doing this type of training sparingly
will produce the same effect as the laborers.

Most of the laborers I worked with and know are not in any condition
at all, most are fat and their bodies are beat up from this hard life, but they
don’t take days off to heal, they go back to work hurt or sore, it’s what
they do.

I have heard people say that laborers are all stupid, that’s why they
work with their bodies and not their mind, what the laborer has is
mental and physical toughness.

Just because a guy opens a gym and says he trains people for
functional fitness I would like to know what training they actually
did to be considered functional fitness experts.  My opinion is
if the expert never worked doing what he teaches he is a fraud.

Just like a fat gym teacher or the teacher that teaches child
development and has no children or the fireman to fat to climb
a ladder, training’s fun and I love it just be careful when it
comes to what you’re being taught, and by who.

Want to learn to swim? You swim; Want to learn to ride a bike?
Ride your bike, read all you want, if you don’t do it how effective
you it be, it wouldn’t. have fun and train hard but don’t get

Toughness Builds Winners

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