Giving Sympathy To People Who Make Bad Choices, Shows Your Weakness!

We live in a time of mental and physical weakness, a time where everyone is the victim, and sympathy has become a virtue!

I ain’t the biggest, toughest, baddest man alive, but I’m tough enough to turn away from booze and drugs to solve my problems.

If you fuck up and make bad choices I will never give you any sympathy, I won’t help you, until you ask for help, and unless you are a family member, I will just walk away!

Why am I so cruel?

I don’t think it’s cruel, I don’t expect people to give me sympathy, I don’t expect others to help me, I have made bad choices and battled everyone of my bad choices by myself, it wasn’t the responsibility of my family and friends to rescue me, it was my fault!

I don’t care how bad ass you are or think you are if you turn to booze and or drugs to fix a bad time, you are fucking weak and deserve what you get.

Your family didn’t deserve your selfishness!

If you were taking drugs prescribed by a doctor for pain and became addicted, I can guarantee most prescription drug addicts can’t handle a little pain, they lack the balls to tell the doctor, I’m not taking your fucking drugs!

Today society protecting the weak instead of shaming them!

If you expect sympathy for bad choices from me you will be waiting a long time.

Your weakness is your disease!

You make bad choices, play the victim because you aren’t man enough to look in the mirror at the fuckin coward you are.

I constantly hear of people who I knew who have died from drugs and I don’t have enough fucks to give, I don’t care, you wasted your life by your own design!

Sympathy for people who chose the wrong path shows your weakness.

Johnny Grube


  1. Another painful truth yet to be shared out, great fucking article Johnny Grube!

  2. Loving these articles

  3. I love how people are always saying these junkies have a sickness . Sickness my fucking ass ! They are exactly what you call them WEAK PEOPLE ! And the people who shoe them sympathy are just as weak . Fuck those junkies !

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