Good Books, Worthless People

How much is to much money for you to pay for knowledge?

Are you willing to pay for their hard work and experience?

Or would you rather bitch and moan because someone wants to profit from
their hard work?

Do you feel entitled to the knowledge they worked hard for, FREE of charge? 

WHY would anyone give away anything they worked so hard for, to people
who won’t appreciate it?

If you are one of these people who feel things are to expensive to change your
situation, you aren’t worth much of anything as a person.

You are of less value, you are a leech who will never amount to much, you will
continue to seek free, while you go on social media to tell all your loser friends
how someone scammed you!

If you are this type of person, you are probably a person with no courtesy for

You are the jackass in the 20 or less self check out in the grocery store
with a cart load,
you are the jackass who isn’t prepared in line at the post
office, you’re the dummy that waits
in line at the drive thru bank and waits
to he gets there to start filling out his deposits.

People go to college to get a degree, so they can hopefully earn the most
possible, they have no problem with athletes, or musicians getting
millions of
dollars, but if a man tries to sell a product and make a great living,
they are called out, and called a crook for
doing nothing more than pricing
their worth, after their years of hard work.

If someone sells a 50 page book at one dollar a page, $50 bucks and it changed your
life would it be worth it? For most people $50 bucks is WAY to much money to change
their life, they would NEVER think about buying a book with 50 pages for $50 dollars!

First they will go on line, to a forum where a bunch of other no nothings,
go to complain
about someone making a profit, and ask if anyone bought
the $50 dollar book, and they
will listen to what a bunch of other no bodies,
who still lives at home with his mom, playing
video games, fucking fat, can’t
get laid, while mom and dad pay his car payment!

I can say with no doubt, the saying “When the student is ready the teacher will
is fucking true!

It happen to me after years of struggling and trying to figure out why I was the way I
was. The night before I bought a magazine that I didn’t get a chance to read, left it on
the kitchen table went to bed.

After a situation I was involved in, I said to my wife there has to be another way.

I went downstairs, picked up the magazine and started to go through it, and an ad in
there changed my life, it was a book for $29.95 and I wasted no time ordering that
book, and the author, put me on the road to massive learning, and if it wasn’t for me
buying a $29.95 book I would probably won’t be be in the situation I’m in now, because
I was lost!

Most people already have it in their head, the cost is not worth it, and its because they
are NOT ready, when they seek they will eventually find!

If this book would have been $10,000 dollars it would have been worth it to me, because
it started me to a better life!

It costs money, pain, being uncomfortable to get better, to give up the things that are
holding you back, but the excuses by most people hold them back, from ever trying!

If a book could save your life, your marriage, earn you thousands of dollars, save your
health, make you a better, father, husband, make you a better provider, becoming stronger
build more confidence wouldn’t it be worth $50?

By the way the book was “Combat Conditioning” and Matt Furey was the author, and I don’t
care what anyone says, to me buying  Combat Conditioned changed me, from a broken down
240 lb heavy weight lifter who was in pain daily, to a lean, younger man who was athletic again!

Matt Furey turned me on to many other authors, and over 20 years later at 49 years old I have
never went back to my old ways!

I have only emailed Matt twice ever, so we are not buddies or friends, its just a true story!

Pay for things, earn your way, you will respect yourself more knowing you paid your way!

So stop whining when a guy wants top dollar for his time spent to his craft!

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says

    Very well said brother

  2. Andrew stone says

    Over 20 year ago I spent 250 pounds on a book written by a buying the same line of work as me who had just retired.
    He had been very successful.
    I was struggling to make any money and was close to broke.
    His advice has enabled me to earn a good living for the last 20 years and stay being my own boss.
    That book was worth ten times the price and I still refer to it today for motivation.

  3. just read this
    so true. SO TRUE.
    combat conditioning put me on the road to health
    i drifted into heavy weights again paid the price
    came back to fureys stuff, then found your website and bought your ebook.

    on the topic of money—
    one of the best books, simple concept, worth the price in gold— Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
    just a thought.
    thanks again


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