Good Old Fist Fight!

Years ago it was an honor to be known as a tough guy, and if you had a tough guy reputation it was earned from kicking ass! 

Today nothing is earned, everything is given and the masses are supposed to follow in line and nod and agree.

When people had the fear of getting a good old fashioned beating they are more likely to keep their mouth shut, or sooner or later you had to back up your big mouth!

People are more polite when they fear an ass beating!

I’m still a believer in backing up your big mouth with your fists, a good old fashioned scrap is sometimes just what the fucking doctor ordered.

Even women knew, that if she beat on a man, she might have been picking herself up off the ground!

And believe me, I have run my mouth for years, and had my own reputation, but I also knew who you didn’t run your mouth to, and that was the great thing about a reputation you earned, people are more likely to fuck with someone else.

Today, no one is afraid of getting smacked in their cock sucker, because everyone attacks from behind a keyboard on social media or behind the protection of law enforcement, and this has bred a society of little weak effeminate faggots!

Most young men have fallen so far they need to read books and blogs on getting laid and raising their record low testosterone levels what a fucking embarrassment!

Men who can and will fight always get laid, men who hide and fight behind a keyboard, never get laid!

Slap around a few big mouth sissies, take their women and you get an immediate boost of muscle boosting testosterone!

Men never used shy why away from a fight or altercation if they opened their mouth, men weren’t afraid of women, they fucked women it’s probably why men lack the ball juice, and have the lowest levels of testosterone ever!

Because it’s different to have a REAL tough guy physical reputation, instead of an ONLINE tough guy reputation!

The days of old fashioned fist fights kept men stronger, tougher, meaner, had higher levels of testosterone and were more polite!

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says

    You nailed it on the keyboard warriors and police callers. I seen pussies call police or threatening to call them as soon as my voice was even to get to aggressive lol. Not only that, they would call right in front of their wives lol how much more embarrassing can it get lol. These clowns have no honor and should be castrated.

  2. BrooklynChuck, the strong survive, the weak gets eaten alive.

  3. BrooklynChuck says

    @Marovsky you got that right brother

  4. Chuck, how much you wanna bet that prisoners and people in the military have the highest testosterone levels than everyone, even in gyms? Also being straight up badasses?

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