Gym Closed Because Of Snow?

I guy told me he had to train at home because his gym was closed due to snow!

Are you fucking kidding me?

I never ever went to a gym that closed because of snow!

That is the pussy state of the gym culture today!

Were the gym owners and its members to weak and soft to go outside a work like a man or is that beneath the so called strong, selfie talking, treadmill walking, bench pressing tough guys?

Shoveling Snow is a better full body strength and conditioning exercise than what most are doing in the gym today.

Toughness Builder.

I no longer waste my time on “gym culture” type exercises, if it doesn’t have major carry over value in the real world, it’s eliminated!

I told that guy if my gym closed because of snow I would have cancelled my membership!

Horse Stance holding 100 lbs

I remember a snow storm in high school and my buddy came out at 5 am picked me and another friend up to go train, in fucking high school!

The gym culture is weak and almost apologetic, more people go to the gym today than ever before and people are weaker than ever before!

You won’t get strong living in a world of weakness!

Johnny Grube


  1. Are you fucking kidding me ! Closed due to snow ! I think I’ve fucking heard it all lol . The weakness in this society today is clearly overflowing. Stay exposing these fucks John .

  2. When the snow comes, I bring out the shovel while these gym idiots sit at home getting weaker!

  3. What utter fucking faggotry ! The only good that could come of this is if the guy decides home training is better and never goes in a gym again.

  4. @Rob

    Well said Rob

  5. “Gym user dies shovelling snow. The 25 year old suffered a heart attack outside his local Faggot Fitness. Coroner’s report states the man was not used to real physical exertion , however , gym buddies suspect the real cause of death was incorrect form. “

  6. Good one Rob!

  7. @Rob

    Weird, I’ve always thought shoveling snow was just a physical job/workout. I never thought of it to be fatal for certain people out there. Incorrect form, real cause of death hahaha!!!

  8. hey johnny
    first i want to thank you for putting out real info, i am healthier and stronger than ever at age 45- kicking ass.
    are you planning to put out any new ebooks?
    also, i notice a lot of your videos lately are more isometrics/rock holds/heavy carries
    are you shifting gears from burpees and squat thrust/jump rope combos for any reason, or are you still doing them also?
    or are you finding that the isometric holds are better in some way?
    just curious and trying to learn here as always.
    thanks in advance

  9. Things change with age, and not doing things that are unnecessary makes more sense.

    I have learned more in the last three years than I did studying and training the last almost 40 years.

    I will at some point write about what I found and have first hand experienced.

  10. got it. i understand completely.
    as for myself i have had to unlearn 15 years of silly bullshit and and back to the basics i learned in high school, courtesy of your blog and writings.
    keep crushing it and thanks again.

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