Gym Toughness Myth

Today men have been manipulated by what strength really is!

Every guy in the gym thinks he is toughest man alive even though he spends most of his time laying on his back and eye fucking himself in a mirror!

I will say what the fuck I want about strength! Most guys who train in the gym NEVER get extremely strong, few do it naturally and the super strong almost every single one is a drug user!

Do I think I’m morally better for NOT taking illegal drugs to build size or strength?


It’s a pride thing for me knowing all my size and strength and everything I ever built was built naturally!

I live a blue collar life, juice heads don’t understand hard work daily for hours, they think only the gym builds toughness!

Most of these guys brag about an injury as some badge of honor that they failed, they are now weaker, yet proud as if fighting some raging battle!

I will continue training for my lifestyle!

I have pride in doing man’s work.

I have pride in my durability!

Blue Collar Training – Shoveling

I could give a fuck less about needy gym geeks, who argue that unless you follow the gym training guide lines you can’t be strong!

Unless you use the proper form you might hurt yourself, form is a gym term, not a Blue Collar manual laborer term.

I guess unless you are the world’s strongest man this year you shouldn’t talk about strength.

I guess unless you’re the UFC heavy weight champion you can’t talk about defending yourself in the street.

I guess unless you train in “CrossFit” you can’t talk about conditioning.

This the gym and fitness culture of today, the go to the gym to work their bodies because their lack of physical activity like real men always did is to back breaking and will easily break the will and body of most of today’s gym and fitness culutre, when find simple manual labor is to demanding!

But tell the fucking gym tough guy that, he will get highly upset if you test his physical and mental weakness while trying to recover from an injury laying on his couch from a lift that is useless outside the gym.

Weighted Step ups / Shoveling Circuit

When these tough guys, who built their toughness in the safe space of the gym, in a weather controlled environment can prove me wrong that their method of training is most beneficial for a man, then maybe I’ll pay attention!

When you hurt yourself lifting 100 lbs and you say it could happen to anyone, I say it never happened to me!

Maybe you just ain’t outdoor tough!

Maybe you are just a gym bitch!

Johnny Grube


  1. Edward Easterling says

    I’m 53, not nearly as strong as you, and I’ve done physical labor most of my life. But I agree with you here, wholeheartedly.
    Several years ago my brother (who is a mechanic 18-wheelers) and I discussed this same topic. Some men who are strong in the gym, look good for the ladies, have great looking muscles, can’t help run fence in the field or crawl under a vehicle and work on it, even half a day. Most of them can’t mow a lawn for an hour using a push mower.
    Anyway, I like the article.

  2. Years ago back when construction work was still physical labour , a bricklayer told me when they wanted labourers they preferred lean wiry blokes because they could stick with it , he said bodybuilder types only ever lasted 2-3 days

  3. Another thing I hate about gym culture is the fixation on numbers. If you are a gym nut reading this get it into your head I am no more interested in the size of your arms than the size of your dick. Nor do I care how much you can bench press. The bench press is not a test of strength , it is a test of how fragile your ego is.

  4. Agree with Edward Easterling.

    I worked in gardening and landscaping many years ago.

    When I worked there I was considered buff by others but they constantly rubbed it under my nose when I couldn’t move anymore after a couple of hours of hard work.

    Gym strength is not practical strength.

  5. @Rob

    This shows that bodybuilders lose everytime when it comes to real strength.

  6. Bodybuilding is type of training that builds body to look like u want it to look like….nobody expect them to be tough or capable…its not what they are about…dont compare urself with them…compare urself with froning ,are u tougher then him….this goes to people in comment section

  7. Krtola , the thing is I would not mind if they admitted it was only about looks but a lot of those guys really believe they are tough. they talk and act arrogant , they swagger around in silly little vests to show off their big muscles , they may impress some but they do not impress me .

  8. Are you referring to Crossfitter Rich Froning? Fuck them juiced up drug users! I’m 50 been training almost 40 years and earning my living as a blue collar worker moving more weight than these guys will EVER move.

    Fuck yeah, I’m tougher!

  9. I am just like u,a construction worker with similar type of training,i was saying we shouldnt compare ourselves with bodybuilder…their goal is not capability

  10. just checking this website again after being off the internet for a few months.
    i am glad you are still posting up some GREAT articles
    just got my head bolted on straight reading this again.
    Thanks for still writing
    and let us know when you are putting out a new book

  11. Johnny, I like the shit you say. I don’t always agree with your training methods and all your claims about it but I incorporate it into my workouts. I gotta call you out here though. You are not tougher than Rich Froning. To say that guy is a drug user is talking out of your ass. I’m sure there are videos of him doing timed calisthenics workouts that you could use to compete with him and see who’s tougher. Saying he’s just a drug user is a cop out bitches use if they feel intimidated. Not to mention run into a drug user that wants to beat your ass and whining about him being on drugs won’t do shit.

    You pick a workout to compete with him and post it and I’ll respond with my own video of the same workout and we will see who’s toughest. Froning has my money. I won’t be surprised if you find an excuse to bitch out. One blue collar guy that spends off time training to another.

  12. Hey man your hero does not impress me.

    I know the juice runs rampant in all sports, just people looking for short cuts.

    I have nothing to prove to anyone, especially people I don’t know.

    The only respect that is required is by the people that have known me, trained with me, my kids and grandkids.

    You should really be your own hero, and not infatuated with another man.

    I’m 51 I show people these videos for other ideas.

    Sorry I see a man who will soon disappear get smaller or be a cripple early hell I have kid older than him.

  13. He is not a hero to me at all. I consider him a great athlete though. There are certainly juicers in every sport, hell crossfit
    Had that problem the other year with their 2nd place finisher. You put out good stuff Grube. I agree with much of your training philosophy and your rants crack me up. There are truly some men that are just naturally superior to others physically and that was really the point I was trying to make. You did imply I’m a fag though so go fuck yourself! Keep training man, youre putting out quality shit!

  14. I make a generalized statements about most things, not exceptions.

    Froning is an athlete and I respect his ability but calling me out to compete with a 30 year old who does this as a job is stupid.

    I don’t pretend to be able to compete at a high level in Cross Fit or Strongman or even master’s powerlifting at 51 I’m happy training in my backyard in solitude.

    But when you or any man who seems to have man crush is just weird, as far calling you a fag, I don’t think I personally called you a fag, I don’t know you.

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