Gym Weakness

I’m from the thought men and women should have separate gyms, or at least a
90/20 split! I never ever trained in a gym that had bullshit machines or miles
of treadmills that is faggot bullshit training, men that spend their time at a
gym walking on a treadmill is an effeminate man!

Sweat box Iron Gyms used to be a testosterone fueled haven for savage men who
were training to get big,  strong or to destroy! You never had to worry about
offending some little weak effeminate queer because you said something
considered offensive, almost anything went in the gym.

Occasional you would see women at the gym and they would train and leave
now these gyms are pick up places for weak men who sit drinking juices
wearing they favorite cologne in their expensive workout clothes trying to
get laid!

When the gyms started getting weaker so did men!

Years ago when the gyms started becoming weaker I decided I will train on my
own in my basement, a garage or my back yard and never looked back, because
I didn’t have to worry about women, music, queers that dress up for the gym,
NOTHING, just training!

Now you have gyms like the “TRANSGENDER GYM Planet Fitness¬† that
promote weakness by allowing sick freaks to use what ever bathroom they want
they have donuts and pizza day! What the FUCK! This gym promotes
the weakness of men!
Planet Fitness claims to be non judgemental unless
you lift heavy weights then you are considered a ” LUNK HEAD”.

If you are a man that goes to the gym with your girlfriend or wife to walk on
the treadmill while holding hands you can NEVER EVER be considered
anything that resembles a man!

Here is another thing that makes these men weak, when they say it’s only
$10 a month. I say, what man can only afford $10 a month? A weak man
that doesn’t care about his self respect. Most people in there look like they
get a $10 workout! If $25 or $50 a month is too much to train you are
weak and probably will only be training two months a year!

I would rather train anywhere else then in a gym that promotes effeminate
men! These men are the offended, politically correct pussies that
with women!

Weakness is a sickness in today’s society!

Gyms of old built masculinity not femininity today they force feed
estrogen as you sign up at these pretty boy gyms, if you train in this
type of environment you are probably easily offended and are a prime
candidate to be bullied by men and by your women!

Train hard, train for real, build a man and not a fucking feminist!

Strength Breeds Strength!

Johnny Grube


  1. Fucking Awesome article

  2. Planet fitness is so contradictory.

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