Handicapped Again!

Just talked about this, I was out doing some Christmas shopping and
walked by a couple that parked in the handicapped packing space.

They got out both were fat and smoking, this is not made up. Why do
I see this all the time? It’s because I like to watch people.

The guy was so fat and moving so slow that he was barely moving and
had this fat old gobble neck. Did you ever notice that fat men and women
that park in these spots with nothing wrong with them other then being
fat and stupid, they are always dirty and sloppy looking.

There are plenty of fat men and women that dress nice and try to look
good and that’s great, but fat, sloppy and dirty.

This couple had three young girls probably 10 to 13 and thin ( probably
not strong enough to wrestle food away from mom and dad yet)

but a little messy. These kids will probably get teased because of the way
they look and the only role models are two fat, dirty looking parents that
smoke and are probably unemployed and cheat( handicapped parking).

Feel sorry for the kids that grow up with parents that don’t really want to
go out of their way to a least try to help their children by leading by example.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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