Having NO Kids Is Embarrassing To Your Ancestors!

Men that don’t want kids are not men! Pissed?

I don’t give a fuck!

Most men who have no kids, no lineage will be forgotten!

I don’t care how strong or big you are from the illegal drugs you inject into your shriveled balls, you will be forgotten.

You are an embarrassment to your ancestors!

You may be bigger, and stronger in the gym, but weaker and softer when it comes to toughness and durability.

Most men aren’t even capable of kids because they lack the basic physical lifestyle that makes men hard!

Blue Collar workers have more kids then so called healthy people, people that spend more time looking in the mirror and at the size of their arms!

They even say it’s the less “formally” educated who have more kids, and that is true.

Blue Collar men like to fuck, they work hard, they still live more primal than the man who lives daily in a cubicle destroying his life force!

Men who are okay with their ancestry, and their bloodlines to die are fucking cowards!

Men who act the tough guy part have nothing else to offer their ancestors other than failure to continue what their ancestors fought to build, a bloodline!

People are getting their DNA tested to find their ancestry, become proud and do NOTHING to carry on their ancestors struggles!

Few people who no kids will be forgotten a week after they die!

Why train in the gym, who are you fighting for? No kids, you have no legacy, most won’t make a big enough contributions to the world to be remembered, why bother?

Men who have no kids have no idea what it’s like to be a real fighter, strong men will defend their family with their lives, will fight like savages while the man with no reason to fight only talks a good game.

Like me or not I don’t give a fuck! I had kids, and now a lot of grandkids, who will know and be proud of their ancestors and fight on!

Johnny Grube


  1. These weak bastards want everything that’s easy for them . Anything that poses a challenge they want no part of . So proud to have my daughter couldn’t imagine life without her . Feels great to provide for her .

  2. I never had kids for the simple reason that I hate children. I appreciate your point about ancestry and so on but I I have always put my own interests before my race or ancestors

  3. Never planned to have kids its why at 51 I have four grown kids and seven grandkids. It wasn’t until later on I realized what keeping the bloodline going.

  4. I actually get that entirely .Maybe if I had thought about things in my youth how I think now I would have had kids but a lot of stuff just never occured to me in those days

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